Mandalay Bay: Missing the Forest for the Trees

Bit of a mea culpa and an honest reevaluation of some of my previous research. Lost sight of the big picture and just how fucked their investigation has become.

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  1. If you ask me, you’re still getting distracted by minutia. Meanwhile, at Davos, the same odious crowd of global elites are planning the next steps of entrenching neoliberalism, while feigning concern about global inequality. Taking their officially distributed videos apart…this is where you could truly shine, Scott. The legalized corruption on a global scale is something to behold. Hardly anyone is talking about this gigantic wrecking ball, except in positive terms, of course. This so-called global leadership is so far removed from the reality of the average human, so that change becomes impossible without a collapse of trust amongst themselves. And this is slowly starting to happen, due to regional power blocks. And generally speaking, we all know what that means: more war.
    I know, we don’t see eye to eye on global warming, but regardless of this, the massive environmental destruction enabled via massive development of a completely unfettered consumer culture – including planned obsolescence, big agri-business, big pharma, is completely unsustainable on this planet. We all partake in this in some form or another. But the utopians in Silicon Valley, Ray Kurzweil and his ilk in particular, are just the latest examples of BS that our species is capable of producing.
    My level of disgust is equivalent only to my own belief that, thankfully, our species is NOT immortal, that it eventually, too, will die off, and that overall, it won’t be a loss to the universe, when it does.
    Meanwhile, and while still alive, I am utterly opposed the globalist agenda, which literally wrecking the entire planet.

    • I agree and kind of said as much in my video. we aren’t going to get any new information on this that hasn’t been vetted by the folks designing the story for us so we can keep turning the embers over and over but we aren’t going to start a fire this late in the game. it’s about as exposed as it is going to get, and it looks really bad as it is.

      And I did start a Davos 2018 category today with the Trump betrayal on TPP article. I will get more into it in the next couple of days. But honestly, Davos is hard to explain to folks these days. hell, the complicit MSM is even using the term “globalism” and “globalists” when talking about Davos this time around when I can remember a couple years ago being called a “conspiracy theorist” for doing that.

      Neoliberal globalization is out of the bag, just like we knew it eventually would be. And, as predicted, rather than running from it, these guys are trying to get the public to embrace it. but you are right. At the core of neoliberal economic ideology is the concept of mergers and acquisitions. that, externalities and sociopathy. You know, somewhere at the core of his “America first” slogan is a very neoliberal concept. people might WANT to think it means protectionism and nationalism… but it really doesn’t. Not how he means it. And that was discussed the other day by someone trying to explain him to the Davos globalists, right?

      In Trump’s mind, his “private as opposed to public” opinion (sound familiar?) American FIRST means American EXCEPTIONALISM to the Nth degree. He now says he doesn’t want to end the TPP (he never did anyway… the movements did, he just took credit for it) he just wants a “better deal” for it. Which will just make it worse.

      But people are starting to buy into this shit so in some ways it’s a lot easier and faster to show them the flaws in a mass casualty event than it is to challenge their developing opinions on geopolitics and world finance. I mean hell, most of them still flinch when a 20 something girl gets shot but how many are really going to give a rat’s ass when you show them how our government withheld aid to Puerto Ricans until they gave in and accepted some austerity measures that will further cripple their economy and their lives?

      • Love your reply! You are one of the very few people who get’s it. Time Magazine is swooning over Trump and his performance at Davos. And sadly, some of my closest friends are swallowing this propaganda whole. We are so fucked…:(

    • to ella, your ability to see the big picture, Sub Specie Aeternitatas
      a la Spinoza, is inspiring!
      Moi-thinks we better Git life-boats before Titanic Crash…
      Bringing AgroEcology gifts to Cuba cooperatives Granting us asylum
      sanctuary Refuge.

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