Vacation Idea: Learn from Self Described Zionist How to Hate and Fear Palestinians (or any other Arabs for that matter)

by Scott Creighton

(video below)

I never shot anybody but I’m going to learn how to shoot some fucking Palestinian” another satisfied Jewish American customer

Here’s a vacation idea for you American folks out there with way more money than brains (or morals).

Go to Israel and participate in the Caliber 3 “anti-terror” fantasy camp. Your kids will never look at Muslims the same way again. That is a money-back guarantee.

Your tour bus will be high jacked by Israelis wearing masks pretending to be Arabs (It’s very lifelike in that way). They will take you hostage until the brave IDF forces storm in and shoot the dreaded rag-heads dead right in front of your screaming children.

That’ll leave an impression. Some stains in their undies probably, but definitely an impression.

Then you can go take some lessons from “the most humanitarian army in the world” on how to stab people and you might get lucky and have another surprise visitor from another Israeli dressed up like a mud-person attacking the instructor so you get to see how he beats him down and drags him off for interrogation.

Your kids can learn to stick a shiv in a haji while granny gets a go with an AK-47.

“We can provide live-fire training for Becky’s Bat Mitzvah!”

Maybe you’ll get lucky and they will have special classes on:

Wouldn’t those be great for Becky’s Bat Mitzvah?!?

Could you imagine if the Klan were running camps like this in the backwoods of ‘Bama and the “threat” they were talking about were “the darkies”?

Could you imagine if Di$info Jone$ was offering a camp like this down in Texas and all the bad guys were short, brown and Mexican?

Or maybe if Oprah and BLM assets set up a training camp and all the terrorists looked like Ward Cleaver?

Who the hell would put up with that? Who the hell would go?

But Israel? Glorious Kurd-backing Israel? No one says a word.

Just in case you think I’m kidding… here is the video from Electronic Intifada. You better check it out while you can because somehow I doubt Youtube will let it stay up for very long.

8 Responses

  1. Despite the risk of being blackballed, maligned professionally or much much worse, I’m so glad to see you sticking your neck out and going after these creeps Scott.

    The shit that they are allowed to get away with has got to stop and I mean now. Yesterday is too soon for the world, especially the brain Christian evangelicals in this country, to wake up to their long con and recognize the damage these assholes have caused for decades and more.

    I’m not certain but I do believe this is the same “theme” park that Jerry (there is something wrong with that) Seinfeld recently visited.

    Way to kill a brand Jer’….

    So sic em dog; tell this story to all…scream it from the rooftops if you must, but tell it until the world wakes and realizes the depravity these fiends have wrought….

    We got your back….#BDS

  2. You got to be kidding ! American Jews are paying money for learning how to kill? They are making Israel rich…. and betraying their own belief in God.

    • not only are they paying to pretend to learn how to kill… but like the woman said in the video… back here she doesn’t like guns or support people having them. And you can’t learn anything about using firearms in a day… with kiddies. So all it’s about is getting folks from across the world to learn some hate and fear and take it back with them to share with their friends back home. that’s what’s sick about it.

    • ALL religious Jewish holidays celebrate imaginary massacres of Goyim/Amalek, so impugning their piety is wrong

      • I don’t doubt their respect for the ‘look of holy’, but their old testament (which was written by Jews as parables to understanding God) definitely says ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ To consider the Palestines as evil is evil in itself.

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