New Poll Shows Democrats and Women Now Hold Favorable Opinions of George W. Bush

by Scott Creighton

The only demographic to still hate the fucker is those who identify as “liberals”

100% sickening. A warmonger, neoliberal, liar, idiot, silver-spooner and accomplice after the fact to the greatest terrorist attack ever conducted against this country… and the Democratic Party and women over here just love him to death.


6 Responses

  1. George has had that puzzled brow – goofy grin look that comes from finding out others actually have to invest in stock to make their billions. Even though he had a script he still got lost Dems and women mistake his coked-up nonsense for sincerity and honesty, which is an understandable mistake now – that didn’t use to be not long ago. If you know what I mean.
    Now … watch this drive.

  2. I just can’t wrap my mind around this.

  3. Guess it proves that polls can be ‘fixed’ also.

  4. I blame the facebook.

  5. Ever since Dubya showed up on Ellen’s daytime talk show…all the soccer moms and lipstick lesbians fell for his creepy charm.

  6. i still hate that fucker. in fact — even though i’m opposed to the death penalty — i’d like to see several bush family members hanged & the rest deported (not sure where to send them, though).
    but i suppose everyone is supposed to look good next to trump?

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