Review of LVMPD Report Part 2: the Diazepam Delivery System and the Locked Connecting Door

Second part of a series I am doing reviewing the new report on the Las Vegas shooting investigation.

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links available after the break

Part 1

the preliminary report

Las Vegas Shooting: What Tank 202 Tells Us

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7 Responses

  1. That was a long distance from the window to the concert area. Did Paddock wear glasses?
    And did he leave fingerprints on any fired weapons?
    very interesting video… the door ‘thing’ is amazing….

  2. I love your work here – very thorough, but diazepam is administered only 2 ways: via the oral route (swallowing a tablet or gel), or injected – intravenously, or intramuscularly. The prescription for 10mg Diazepam indicates he had tablets which couldn’t effectively be aerosolized for inhalation, nor would inhalation be a viable route of administration. Perhaps an anesthetic gas through the blue hose?

  3. Very interesting stuff. Why do you think they left the blue tubing behind? Seems like a very odd thing to leave in the room.

    • leaving things behind is indeed problematic but perhaps less so than taking them with you. If these guys just left and blended into the crowd in a hurry would they want to be carrying stuff like this? besides… if no one was going to bother noticing or caring about something as big as the deadbolted door between the rooms… why worry about the blue tube? for that matter, if no one worried about the different guns going off at the same time from different directions… you see what I mean?

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