Review of LVMPD Preliminary Investigative Report Part 1: Paddock Was Just a Normal, Everyday Illegal Arms Dealer it Seems

by Scott Creighton

Two days ago the LVMPD released an 81-page preliminary report on their investigation into the Oct. 1st shooting at the Mandalay Bay hotel Route 91 Music Festival. The following is the first part of my review of that report. This part covers their statements about Paddock’s life and his stays at the Ogden and Mandalay Bay and how similar his behavior was while there and what I believe to be the obvious conclusion the investigators have missed.

1. We are told Stephen Paddock was just a regular guy

Paddock lived a seemingly normal life” page 3

On page 3 they write “Every facet of Paddock’s life was explored” and yet, they fail to mention that he used to work for a defense contractor and state ” He worked as an accountant and in the family real estate business“. This is an attempt to make it seem like Paddock lived a normal, everyday type of life with nothing extraordinary that might stand out. But that conclusion is far from misleading.

I have no doubt that they explored every facet of his life. My concern is that they left a great deal of what they must have discovered out of their report and what that means in terms of the validity of the rest of it.

Stephen Paddock and his brother sold the family real estate business years ago. His brother said they made 2 million on the deal but that’s not exactly hard evidence now is it?

In the report (page 3) they wrote “At the time of the incident Paddock was 64 years old. He owned residences in Mesquite and Reno, Nevada and lived with his girlfriend, Marilou Danley” but that isn’t entirely accurate:

Paddock had two planes, owned multiple homes, and regularly dropped tens of thousands of dollars in Vegas casinos, according to recent reports. His shocking collections of guns and ammunition alone may have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars

By most accounts, Paddock was not downwardly mobile, and his wealth would put him in a tier above the middle class. He owned two planes and was a licensed pilot, and owned homes in four states, according to the Washington Post.” TIME Oct. 4 2017

On several occasions in the report they made reference to his trips abroad and across the country but so far I have yet to see them mention the fact that he owned two planes and flew these trips himself. They also mentioned him owning two homes at the time of his death which is true but it doesn’t accurately describe his situation at the time.

Clearly he wasn’t “downwardly mobile” which is important not only in terms of it being a sort of precursor to an event like this for a suspect… but it is also becoming the one thing the investigators seem to be trying to hand his motive on. But it’s simply not true.

“Much of Paddock’s money appears to have been spent in casinos. NBC News reported that Paddock often gambled at least $10,000 a day in Las Vegas casinos, and sometimes upwards of $30,000 per day. He reportedly gambled a total of at least $160,000 at Vegas casinos in the weeks before the mass shooting...apparently hadn’t had been employed in a standard job since the 1980s.” TIME Oct. 4 2017

Paddock reportedly said he had been a professional gamble for years. Difficult too say if that is the case, however, if he were doing something else with his time, with his planes and access to that airport right across the street from the Mandalay Bay, wouldn’t gambling be a great way to launder any cash he brought back home with him from those trips?

Stephen had just sent his girlfriend $100,000. He was staying in a high-roller suit at the Mandalay Bay and not just that suite, but another adjoining room as well. Plus, he had just taken in the Life Is Beautiful 3-day concert at the Ogden right before this 3-day concert event. He owned two planes, multiple homes in multiple states and dropped tens of thousands of dollars in the casinos like it was nothing.

Life was beautiful for Stephen Paddock which makes his alleged actions even more odd. Why would he suddenly want to throw all that away?

However one thing is certain: Paddock was NOT living a seemingly normal life by any stretch of the imagination.

2. Life is Beautiful

Prior to the Route 91 Harvest Festival, the Ogden held a similar event called Life is Beautiful.  When I write it was “similar” what I mean is that it was a 3-day festival in Vegas from Oct. 22-24 in 2017. But that is the only similarity.

The Harvest festival featured country music artists whereas the one at the Ogden was practically a rave and featured such artists as Noise Frenzy, Zack the Ripper and Bad Beat. Seems like Stephen had quite a range when it came to his musical interests.

But that isn’t the only similarity when it comes to the story surrounding the Ogden:

“On September 17, 2017 , Paddock checked into The Ogden where he was booked through September 28 , 2017 which overlapped his reservation at Mandalay Bay . The Ogden is a condominium complex located in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Paddock stayed in three different units during this time.

Paddock’s stay at The Ogden coincided with the Life is Beautiful music festival. Similar to the Route 91 Music Festival, the Life is Beautiful event was held in an open air venue from September 22, 2017 , through September 24, 2017.

While staying at The Ogden, Paddock exhibited behavior which was similar to his time spent at Mandalay Bay. Paddock left for long periods of time , returning to Mesquite, Nevada, flying to Reno, Nevada and traveling to Arizona . Paddock was observed numerous times gambling at downtown Las Vegas casinos. Paddock was also observed moving numerous suitcases from his vehicle to the various units he rented page 4 of preliminary report

The writers of this report failed to mention the stark differences in the styles of music between the two festivals. That is an odd omission especially when you consider the fact that they had to mention the distinct similarities in their suspect’s actions while attending them.

One might conclude from that that the music was secondary to his purposes.

Some wrongly claim that Paddock was stalking that festival so he could attack them as well but that flies in the face of the fact that he had already booked his lodging at the Mandalay Bay and no one in their right mind would think they could pull off an attack on that scale and simply shuffle over to another hotel and do it again.

Plus… no one fired a single shot during Life is Beautiful so it stands to reason that that was NOT his motivation for being there.

So what was?

Downtown Vegas is right down the street a ways from the Mandalay Bay hotel… and the airport.

Notice they also had to admit that Stephen did many of the same things while staying in the various rooms at the Ogden that he did at the Mandalay Bay. He checked in very early, left to go to the airport many times and recorded shuttling large bags to and from the rooms he was staying in.

He was also recorded in the various casinos in between his trips back and forth to the airport with his heavy bags.

Just like he did during his stay at the Mandalay Bay.

“On Monday , September 25, 2017 , Paddock checked into room 32 – 135 of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino with a scheduled check – out date of October 2, 2017. On Friday September 29, 2017, Paddock checked into room 32 – 134 which connected with room 32 – 135 via connecting doors.

From September 25 , 2017 , through October 1 , 2017 , Paddock transported multiple suitcases to his room on several occasions. Paddock also left the Mandalay Bay on multiple occasions for long periods of time , often returning to Mesquite , Nevada” page 4 of preliminary report

Just like with the Life is Beautiful festival, Paddock checked into the hotel several days early, before the event started. And just like at the Ogden, he was constantly flying out of Vegas to various locations with large bags in tow and coming back with them still filed with something apparently.

And he was dropping tons of cash into the casinos the ENTIRE TIME.

3. Conclusion

It would seem to me that any legitimate investigation into this man’s behavior would have to conclude that Stephen Paddock was living ANYTHING BUT a “normal life”… that is, unless you consider being an illegal arms dealer a “normal life”

That’s what Paddock was doing. That’s why he had all that cash to spend and why he chose these festivals in a town near an airport that he could access.

From what I have gleaned from this report and other reporting on the subject, Stephen Paddock was an illegal arms dealer who would use gambling as a means by which he would launder his illegal cash payments for the weapons.

I have previously covered the fact that the Force Investigation Team is conducting this investigation and pointed out just how odd that is. It should be the homicide division. But the FIT has one skill-set that homicide doesn’t and that is… politics.

They are accustomed to covering up bad shootings in a way that makes the LVMPD come out in the end looking squeaky clean… and that is clearly what someone is doing with this investigation.

Why is it that they are clearly trying to downplay Stephen Paddock’s source of income? With the all the weapons he bought in his own name (and how many not in his name?) and the constant flights back and forth out of the state, with all the cash he had at his disposal, it should be OBVIOUS to any legitimate investigation what Paddock was doing.

So why obfuscate that fact?

I am reminded of the event in Waco and how the press played up the fact that the Branch Dividians had so many weapons in their compound at the time of the attack. The feds claim they went in there because they were stockpiling those weapons for a war with the government and a new TV show just recently released bolsters that fraudulent claim.

The fact is, one way they made money for the commune was to legally sell weapons at gun shows. That is why they had weapons. And deliberately withholding that bit of well established information allows the “war on the government” mythology to continue.

It’s possible this is something similar to that.

Another possibility is they are covering for the hotel.

It is well understood that the hotel/casino industry in Vegas employs a kind of “don’t ask don’t tell” policy when it comes to their high rollers. They don’t care too know what they are doing in their rooms or how they make their money, which again, makes his choice of these locations as a base of operation all the more likely and understandable.

In Vegas, the mob still rules. But the mob is now corporate.

It is this unstated policy that could present a liable issue for the Mandalay Bay and the MGM Grand International. Had they been doing their due diligence even on the most affluent of their guests, the event may not have taken place… or so will be the argument made by the many lawyers who have already filed lawsuits. And that is a legitimate argument. A hotel of this size has a responsibility to provide a reasonable measure of security for their guests… regardless of how rich some of the potential offenders might be.

So downplaying his rather obvious behavioral patterns prior to the event would certainly benefit the hotel industry in Vegas and as we already know… the LVMPD had bent over backwards to custom make this investigation already on their behalf.

Whatever the case may be, when people hear about how many weapons Stephen had it makes it look like he was making himself ready for Armageddon when in fact, there is a much more plausible and rational (if not highly illegal) explanation for it: he was an arms dealer.

He was an arms dealer operating with apparent impunity out of a major Las Vegas hotel chain.

It’s that simple.

Some folks have wondered why he would go back and forth carrying suitcases to and from his homes via the airport to the hotel. Good question. Were he transporting all his guns for a final showdown, he would simply do it all in one trip without running the risk of having them discovered in his hotel room.

And he certainly wouldn’t have been bringing them back and forth to the Ogden the week before.

It’s illogical. Makes no sense.

Unless you consider the fact that he was filling orders, making ready his shipments and taking them to his transportation method (his PRIVATE PLANE) and then returning with his payment… bags of CASH. So in all likelihood, that is what was in some of those bags of his… cash. Which is why he would immediately go to casinos, gamble a bit and then his ill-gotten gains would be squeaky clean. Seems pretty simple to me.

When hotel workers see piles of guns in rooms they contact security. When they see piles of cash… they don’t. It is a casino after all.

Maybe arms dealing was a side gig for Stephen. Perhaps he was transporting narcotics in that plane of his. Perhaps we worked for the mob taking their cuts from the hotels back to the bosses. Who knows. But there was something shady the guy was doing that’s for damn sure. And yet, this Force Investigation Team report whitewashes all of that by claiming “Paddock lived a seemingly normal life

There was nothing normal about this guy or his life so right there in the first 4 pages of their report, we find a major red flag. My guess is, I will find more.


[This is the first part of my evaluation of this preliminary report. There are tons of problems that have been found in it and I will do my best today to cover as much of them as I can find.]

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3 Responses

  1. Very interesting. Thanks for putting this analysis together.

  2. Scott, this is pathetic. You haven’t even proposed any evidence worth arguing. I’m sorry man, quit beating around the bush and just sell your soul like Alex Jones.
    Good luck with the business, I really hope you find a way to live comfortably.

    • talk about not presenting any evidence… if you bothered to keep up with Mr. Jones you would know he’s currently pushing conspiracy theories regarding this event that came from a seated senator and promoted for him by Tucker Carlson and other MSM outlets which involve 1. Antifa 2. ISIS and 3. MEXICANS being responsible for the attack.

      Besides, all I am pointing out is what should seem obvious to anyone with half a brain and that is… this guy wasn’t living a normal life… like they said he was. Seems pretty obvious don’t you think?

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