Fox and CNN Providing Aid and Comfort to ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria

Isn’t that a crime or something? I think it is.

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links available after the break

CNN calls for assistance to al Qaeda in Idlib

Fox wants to help ISIS a.k.a. White Helmets in East Ghouta

al Qaeda looks to Idlib

al Qaeda takes Idlib

but don’t worry… al Qaeda is now “moderate”

Assad’s fake gas attack

live map of Syrian regime change operation

Tillerson Goes Full ZioCon Vulcan on Assad and Syria at Stanford’s Hoover Institute

“ISIS” Video With John Cantlie (“John can’t lie”) Shows White Helmets and Describes them as “Islamic State Fire Brigade”

Greater Kurdistan: A Work in Progress Brought to You by NATO, President Peace Prize and… Israel

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  1. Meanwhile, an old fairy tale emerges yet again.

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