Glenn Greenwald Wants Congress to Drop that Memo Down his Honeypot Memory Hole!

Fox and CNN Providing Aid and Comfort to ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria

Isn’t that a crime or something? I think it is.

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Tillerson Goes Full ZioCon Vulcan on Assad and Syria at Stanford’s Hoover Institute

by Scott Creighton

President Trump’s Secretary of National Interests (i.e. Exxon Mobil ect.) Rex Tillerson just gave a little address and Q&A session at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University at the invitation of former Secretaries Condi Rice and George Shultz.

“And in that regard, you certainly have a true advocate in your ranks: my friend, Dr. Condoleezza Rice… And I also want to acknowledge the other co-host, one of our nation’s most dedicated and gifted public servants, certainly of the 20th century: former Secretary George Shultz. And George and I have known each other a long time as well, and I’m a great admirer of his work as well.” Sec. of State/Exxon Rex  Tillerson

The talk was titled “Remarks on the Way Forward for the United States Regarding Syria” and it basically comprised of Tillerson declaring an illegal, unconstitutional and unending war on Syria and the people of that country on behalf of our “national interests” which constitute (in part) Big Oil and the Greater Kurdistan project that is still being pushed by the fascist Likud party of Israel and all their apologists over here in the states.

Tillerson laid out his 5-point plan for Syria:

  1. keep military illegally occupying part of Syria until our proxy army “ISIS” is “defeated” (which will be never)
  2. regime change (because Assad will never give into Israel’s demand for Golan Heights or the IMF’s structural adjustments)
  3. create a Zio-friendly regime in Syria to threaten Iran with
  4. fake platitude toward refugees our regime change op created
  5. fake WMDs bullshit line (neutering Syria so it can never resist our “national interests” again

To those ends Tillerson essentially declared an illegal and unconstitutional war and occupation on Syria simultaneously offering up our proxy regime change asset “ISIS” as one threat and al Qaeda, our previous proxy regime change assets, as another.

And yes, for those of you paying attention… there was the obligatory reference to 9/11:

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