Las Vegas Shooting: Why is the Force Investigation Team Leading the “Investigation”?

The FIT which is leading this “investigation” is a political creation designed to put the interests of the department ahead of those of the community or the victims. This is a proven fact even expressed by former law enforcement officials from that very department.

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Who is in charge of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting investigation?

Justice Department offers 40 recommendations to reduce Metro officer-involved slayings

Michael Bennett says Las Vegas cops threatened to “blow my f—ing head off”

New Michael Bennett Video Shows Exactly Whatever You Want It To Show

Lombardo spins Bennett story just before Mandalay Bay shooting

TMZ parrots LVMPD propaganda

Metro Investigations: A Conflict of Interest or Incest?

Las Vegas Undersheriff Kevin McMahill provided false information to press

my previous coverage of the Las Vegas shooting psyop

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