Las Vegas Shooting: What Tank 202 Tells Us

The bullet strikes on Tank 202 could actually be the most damning evidence available proving at least two shots could not have been fired from those broken windows in the Mandalay Bay hotel.

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newly release warrants in case

tank 202 described as one with bullet strikes

story about people getting onto the airport tarmac

Danny Diesel video on vertical angle of attack

disinfo video

my writing showing how we were misled by Popular Mechanics on the core structure of Twin Towers

my demolition theory hypothesis of Twin Towers

a list of some of my best work on 9/11 subject

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7 Responses

  1. Aren’t they saying that 1100 rounds were fired? And now you are saying that the bullets can [either from the snipers’ nest or the Mandalay] penetrate 2 layers of steel in tank 2.

    Just on the uninformed face of it, wouldn’t the carnage inflicted on the crowd been massive and obvious? The effects should have shown up in EVERY video in my opinion.

    Too bad they didn’t perform a normal shooting incident analysis [with yellow placards] on the site. Also, I’m hearing that they admitted that they didn’t perform autopsies on all the victims, also unusual. You go, Lombardo.

  2. Question is, where is the next planned CIA-FBI slaughter planned?

    One thing for sure, you can be safe going to any Hollywood awards ceremony, as they hire an army of gun-toting private contractors so they can be safe when the preach against gun ownership.

  3. Excellent analysis Scott. One thing that no one seems to be mentioning in their discussion of the bullet path is that bullets don’t travel in straight lines. Gravity has a significant impact, especially over nearly 700 yards, which would result in the bullet’s path being more of an arc. I think that makes it even more unlikely that the bullets came from the Mandalay.

    Also, to hit the top of the tank, a shooter from the Mandalay would have to aim above it. I think the shots hitting the tank were by mistake (or like you speculate, deliberate sabotage). If the intent was to try and blow the tanks up, why aim so high? It’s unlikely that the tanks would be full so shooting at the lower half would have made much more sense.

  4. Agree with the Walrus. If Vegas was supposed to be the Redneck 9/11, then I guess that makes tank 202 their Building 7 blooper.

    Curious if the palm trees near the parking garage would obstruct the field of view from the roof? Or maybe provide some concealment to a shooter who would otherwise be sky-lining themselves for all to see?

    Also curious if there’s any relationship between the ‘firing’ of old Sheep-dipped Steve Bannon and the massively failed cover up in Vegas? Seems like they’re putting him out to Mockingbird pasture while he’s still in his prime. I wonder if his failure to bring about a holy war against BLM/ANTIFA, with Vegas being the climactic Jade Helm-type event, was a disappointment for his bosses? Perhaps Sheep-dipped Steve’s drinking and inappropriate touching of coworkers weren’t the only reasons they let him go?

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