Trump Betrays his Base Again: Unleashes His Inner Globalist During Illegal Immigration Talk

by Scott Creighton

For two years this website has been warning it’s readers that President Trump is no populist. That his campaign rhetoric was a scam like the many others he ran back in the day when he was simply a silver-spooner businessman whose daddy gave him a fortune, a future and the fame he parlayed into a fake-reality TV show which was the only thing he really knew how to do: pretend to be a big time businessman.

Over the course of the past year, President Trump has flip-flopped on one campaign promise after another just like many other presidents before him. And just like all the others, the turn is always in the direction that favors neoliberal globalization. Obama did it. “W” did it. Clinton did it. Ever since “Poppy” Bush said “read my lips” those of us who are old enough to have heard his promise with our own ears have become tone deaf to the pleadings of wannabe leaders of all flavors.

Or at least we should have.

Whether it’s his promise to end ObamaCare in “the first day in office” or his non-interventionist foreign policy (“let Russia and Syria fight ISIS”) or his promise to “drain the swamp” and “lock her up”… there hardly seems to be a populist promise Donald Trump has made good on. Even his tax reform program served the interests of Big Business and the super rich at the expense of the middle class.

Trump has cut regulations making profits easier for Big Business. He has signed an executive order allowing Big Oil a free hand when it comes to their leaky pipelines. He has bombed a number of civilians overseas with the same drone program he used to criticize Obama for using. He opened the doors of the White House to Goldman Sachs to a degree that no president in the past has ever done. And he has stuffed billionaires into offices where they could undermine the government programs they are running like it’s going out of style even though we know that neoliberalism, the Washington Consensus, will never go out of style.

President Trump’s White House serves the interests of Big Business like few others have done in the past. You can put him right up there with Maggie Thatcher or Augusto Pinochet or Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton if you like. Wall Street indicators tell you his is a historically anti-populist administration. The stock market doesn’t rush to all-time highs when a real “man of the people” is in office, a political novice can tell you that.

With all of those betrayals of his base (and more) in the record books, perhaps the most ruthless and damning happened just yesterday with a mere 10 days left of his freshman year.

Trump repeatedly expressed support for DACA in the meeting, but at times left lawmakers confused as to whether he stood by his conditions.

Reflecting the views of fellow Democrats, as well as a few Republicans, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California encouraged Trump to support “a clean DACA bill” and save his immigration crackdown proposals for later, comprehensive legislation

“What about a clean DACA bill now with a commitment that we go into a comprehensive immigration reform procedure?” Feinstein asked him.

I have no problem,” Trump replied. “We’re going to do DACA and then we can start immediately on the phase two, which would be comprehensive.”

Members of both parties say that only Trump, given his own anti-immigration stands and the unflinching support of his populist base, can provide the political cover that Republicans need to support measures protecting people who came to the country illegally.

Trump, in seeking to seem the flexible deal-maker, even acknowledged a border wall doesn’t need to be 2,000 miles long because of “nature”: “You have mountains and you have a river, you have a violent river.

Trump resisted efforts by McCarthy, the House Republican leader, to get him to commit to the specific elements in a bill he’d sign.

I’ll sign whatever immigration bill they send me,” Trump said.” L.A. Times

In a move that was clearly designed to counter narratives about his behavior stemming from a ridiculous book, President Trump allowed the press to sit in on a meeting he held yesterday with leaders of the House and Senate relating to the upcoming deadline on the DACA program. That’s the “Dreamers Act” that allowed up to 800,000 illegals brought here as children to remain in the country so they could be used by Big Business as cheap labor.

For those of you who don’t know… those of you who claim to oppose neoliberal globalization in all its forms but still support Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the so-called Dreamers Act… open borders and the free flow of labor from one nation to another is part and parcel of neoliberal economic ideology. It’s one of the three main pillars of it.

“It is true that, as against reversal, current trends in the three pillars of globalization – trade, investment, migration – are all positive… Despite many political challenges, evident from the growth and diversification of sources of remittances, cross-border migration is not stopping…” The Wire, Dec. 25, 2017

Migration and the concomitant labour questions are key aspects of the global political economy. … In the age of neoliberalism, international migration and forced labour form a predominant modality of human mobility under conditions of extreme vulnerability.Migration and Labour under Neoliberal Globalization, May 2015

Migration is referred to as a form of “flexible work-forces”  in the neoliberal economic ideology which is the preferred economic ideology of such globalist organizations as the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Bank for International Settlements to name but a few.

It basically means taking desperate people from one location and injecting them into another so that their desperation for work and sustenance will compel them to undermine local wage and benefit structures, making them more economically viable to employers, which ultimately serve Big Business’ interests and no other.

It is in fact, a true race to the bottom where desperate people perform profit generating tasks for businesses big and small for less than their competition and it is usually accompanied by a sense of tribalism since the migrating population will tend to be from a different nationality and often of a different race altogether (a minority) than the indigenous work-forces that see the intrusion as an assault on their way of life and the quality of life of their families which they support.

It pits displaced workers verses the indigenous workers and like scabs crossing a strike line, it often produces anger and hostility within the affected areas. Resentment, overt acts of racism and violence are often the net results while the businesses continue to profit from the conflict.

Because of the racial aspect of the conflict, it is easy for apologists of neoliberal globalization to label all who oppose it as “racists” and “bigots” as we have seen many times in the recent past here in the States. This discussion-ending accusation will certainly accelerate in the coming weeks as Trump and congress move to legalize millions upon millions of illegal workers now living in the country. Lost in the debate will be the decreasing standard of living of millions of natural born citizens or legal immigrants who played by the rules and came to this country as we would go to any other.

Screams of “RACIST!” from the ignorant self-satisfied “progressives” and their complicit neoliberal neocons will continue drown out the desperate pleas for consideration from our working class neighbors while Wall Street continues to thrive unabated as the sole beneficiary of the chaos… and that is exactly how it is meant to work.

Last night, after Trump’s performance at the meeting, Fox “News” anchors began freely talking about things like “globalization” and how Trump now seems to be on-board with the plan. They avoided the term “neoliberal” as if their careers depended on it. They had no choice. It’s obvious now and they figured they needed to get out in front of this aspect of the development before others like myself addressed it.

They wanted to control the direction of the narrative so they brought in talking heads who tried to explain how Trump had ALWAYS been telling his fan-base that he was indeed a “globalist”

Tucker Carlson was the only talking head on the network who said openly that this move was indeed a betrayal and an acquiescence to Trump’s globalist masters. He is the only reporter on the MSM outlets I have seen so far to talk openly about the real objective behind open borders and “flexible work-forces” in terms of the service to Big Business at the expense of the working class.

Carlson went further directly after that segment to explain to his viewers (paraphrase)

“For all the conservatives out there who have been taught from a young age that Big Government was the real enemy and the real threat to our freedoms… the truth is, it’s Big Business that has become Big Brother and not the government”

A remarkable admission on Fox “News” to be sure but you certainly wont hear anything like it coming from the fake-left outlets, the corporatist outlets, like MSNBC, CNN and the New York Times.

Fascism ladies and gentlemen. The beginnings of discussions about Big Business and the Business Party and neoliberal economic ideology coming from Fox “News” of all places.

Remarkable indeed.

Trump’s full-globalist turn was certainly not unexpected by this writer or a few others out there. Saw it coming a mile away. Unfortunately he will retain the support of a few of his base as they can see no wrong in his John Galt-like visage.

The worship of wealth is an addiction for some… as is the hatred of it by others, I suppose.

It all depends on which beatitudes you subscribe to I guess.

Regardless, Trump’s little attempt to undermine concerns about his fitness for office yesterday seems to have backfired. He exposed himself as nothing more than the next flavor of neoliberal globalist president like Obama, Bush and Clinton before him.

The takeaway might be that statement from Tucker when he said conservative and libertarians need to understand that Big Gubmint ain’t the problem anymore… it’s Big Business… and for that… he should be given some credit.

Of course, he should have been talking about it for the past decade like I have… or the past 5 decades like so many others that have come before have.

But that’s ok.

When Trump had his ObamaCare moment, exposing his truer nature like President Peace Prize did all those years ago, his inner globalist came out and nothing, nothing, can put that genie back in the bottle.

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30 Responses

  1. Well done, Scott.
    and violence will occur….. having a job that pays fair wages is supposed to be the American way…. we earned it with legal fights and bloody ones….. we will not give it up … easily….

    • “we will not give it up … easily….”
      Always the optimist, Jan10.
      And we will fight it by….
      • “writing to our congress representative’…. neah, that never works
      • ” acting through the unions”…. neah, the unions have had their backs broken many decades ago and are now owned themselves
      • voting for the Low Heels party the next time to kick out the High Heels…. (Swift saw through the false dichotomy)
      • Twitting and Facebooking a lot… No?
      I give up.

      • NO, We have to do things that hit business. Spend no money on non-essential stuff. Save money, but not in a bank… put it in a box at home or a postal box. Doesn’t matter if it is $10 or much more…. if it is your normal extra money that goes toward ‘extra’ stuff….. and you don’t spend it… then it will be missed by business.
        Don’t go to movies, or restaurants, or places of entertainment.
        Younger people can think of better things to do….. they have the energy and strength.
        anything that will weaken profit of business and cost them more by ‘overstocking’…..
        we can do that .. plus write letters …… and protest…

        • Jan10, I do not know anybody who still keeps money in a savings account (which de facto charges negative interest). If you do, advise them asap that the 50s are long over. Not going to restaurants and movies to “hit business”…. sure, the Restaurant Association may topple Wall Street!

          • Interesting you are mock direct tactics, especially since they’re effectiveness is proven by history. Even today local communities are voting up the minimum wage. So why are you attacking one of the single most effective tools we have left (they live on and love money and power and we don’t have to give it to them)?

            Your words seem almost those of one who pretends to care while secretly dismissing any and all possible solutions that have even a hint of effectiveness. Boycotts and referendums are the way to go now and many of us will not let weak “can’t happen here” words slow us down.

            And you must not understand the economics of the restaurant biz, which is highly dependent on daily cash flow. They are probably among the easiest to hit quickly and hard with a boycott (imagine everyone eating at McDonald’s switched to another place. McD would be screaming in weeks if not days, or at least the shareholders would). It’s rather odd you come by just to put down a solid idea.

            • to your point… the BDS movement is the only thing that empowered average citizens to end South African apartheid back in the day and it is currently terrifying the Likudniks in Israel and their apologists across the globe so much that they have dedicated hundreds of millions to their hasbara program to counter it. So yes, voting with one’s wallet is certainly a powerful tool to bring about change, real change, and Jan was right to bring it up.

              Current example… there is a TV host named Jamile I think on ESPN. She was recently given a 3 month unpaid vacation by her bosses because she suggested her viewers on ESPN boycott advertisers who bought ads during Cowboys telecasts due to their owner’s slave-master attitude toward his football players.

              ESPN certainly wouldn’t have taken such a drastic step toward her comment, one comment off the cuff by the way, if such actions or even the threat of them didn’t send collective shivers down the spines of Big Business owners.

              So you are absolutely correct. History teaches us this as does current events.

              Jan was right.

          • No, ariadnatheo, I do not have money to save…. but my $10 will not be spent anywhere now….. it is the only way I can fight. and restaurants are usually owned by investors or big business.
            Like WAMTAF says…. this is an effective way to fight back…. it just has to be done over a long period of time… 6 months at least…. and done all over America….

  2. If I ever vote again, someone needs to commit me to an insane asylum.

    • don’t worry, we’ll be sent off to reeducation camps before then. 🙂

      • No need for re-education camps for us older folks. They just want us to die off asap, i.e. simply make basic healthcare unaffordable or inaccessible. It is flu season and the price tag for basic cold medicine is criminal, and big pharma’s ‘preventive’ flu shots are only 15% effective, if that.
        Good article, Scott. You are one of the few internet buddies who understands the bigger picture re: globalization and the race to the bottom in terms of wages. Needless to say, I wouldn’t want to deport the children of illegals who have lived here all their lives, separating families etc., because I consider this cruel, from a basic human level. But the underlying problem is exactly as you stated.

        • Three of our four children are in their 4os. I wonder how re-education would look to them.

          Revolution might be more attractive.

        • It is a difficult question isn’t it? Of course, the whole point is… they aren’t children anymore are they? They are full grown adults who work on the cheap. So you aren’t really talking about deporting children.

          That said it’s still difficult. This country is all they have known and the decision to break the law wasn’t theirs to make back then.

          Perhaps there is some legal path to citizenship for them that could be worked out. But the 11 million others? I am less sympathetic.

  3. “John Galt-like visage”… that was funny; it also shows Scott is familiar with the masterpiece of Alisa Rosenbaum.

    Minor but in need of tidying up:
    Not “who’s daddy gave him a fortune” but “WHOSE daddy gave him a fortune.”

  4. Why are self-proclaimed libertarians for the “non-aggression principle” and against state violence but they always seem to make an exception when it comes to rounding up Mexicans? There are really only two options. You can set up a massive government surveillance system to find 12 million people, drag them from their homes, and detain them long enough until you can ship them back across the border. Or you can just grant them full citizenship. If you truly cared about liberty, isn’t the latter a better solution?

    Your characterization of immigration and open borders as a tool of the globalists is a little too simplistic. Sure, these globalists want to uproot people and drive them into free-trade zones to feed their sweatshops. But they really don’t want open borders, otherwise everyone would just migrate to wherever wages are better and China would empty out and become a ghost town.

    Of course you can be for immigration reform and against globalization at the same time. If corporations are given the right to cross any border they want in pursuit of greater economic opportunity then people should have that same right.

    • the chinese aren’t on our border; you’re not going to get a lot of cheap chinese labor in the u.s. when you can get cheap labor from mexico & other places south of the border.

      are you familiar with woody guthrie? he had a song in the 1940’s called “deportee” that talked about immigrant labor that was tolerated during picking season & deported as soon as the season was through. he mentions in the song that those migrants had been coming north for several generations. this isn’t exactly a new issue, but it’s always the same big-money interests who benefit with the law providing cover for the migration, labor, deportation, etc.

      • “Deportee” is about humanizing these farmworkers. I play this song all the time. I know all the lyrics and the chords. Woody isn’t singing about how they should be deported, he’s illustrating that these people have real lives and stories to tell, despite the fact that they’re being exploited.

        Corporations have always exploited immigrant labor and lobbied for laws that give them a cheap and easily manageable workforce. Amnesty for undocumented immigrants would mean corporations would no longer be able to dance around labor law by holding the threat of deportation over workers’ heads. These immigrants would be more likely to join unions, which would improve the working conditions for everyone.

        I see you advocate for working people all the time in most of your posts, so I’m not sure why you would be against amnesty. It’s not the immigrants that are screwing the American worker, it’s the corporations that determine our trade policies and drive this race to the bottom.

        • You should read my comment from earlier.

          Look, do you really think George W. Bush and Lindsey Graham want to help the poor brown people who are here illegally working for sub-minimum wages? Because that’s who created Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the DACA act all those years ago with that other human rights stalwart, John McCain.

          You should READ the proposed legislation. You really should. Don’t just get insulted and SAY you read all of it… actually go back and READ it. You might be surprised to find out they aren’t talking about making these folks full on citizens with all the rights that come along with it. They want to create a SECOND TIER CITIZEN STATUS that LOCKS WORKERS TO VARIOUS CORPORATIONS and basically makes them the PROPERTY of said companies. that’s a fact. They would be kept in a 5 year or so limbo where they have to continue working for these companies on their PATH TO CITIZENSHIP. if they try to organize the very UNIONS you just mentioned… they can be deported. If they get tired of being taken advantage of and leave for another job, they are PUT ON A LIST AND DEPORTED.

          Do you think for a minute Big Business would push for ANYTHING that actually helped these people?

          Basically what they will do with them is use them LEGALLY for 5 or so years and then SHIP THEM OFF to have them REPLACED by new workers. And do it LEGALLY.

          That is what Comprehensive Immigration Reform is all about. A legal system of near slaves for Big Business. You should look it up. Read the write=ups on it from back in the day when it was first proposed. Why exactly do you think neoliberals from BOTH PARTIES have been pushing for it all these years? Because its the ONE THING they want to do that is humanitarian in nature? come on man.

      • In 1960 Edward R. Murrow ruined millions of Americans’ Thanksgiving meal by airing a documentary called Harvest of Shame. It was about how migrant workers were treated like slaves back then. Not all were Spanish. Some were from Africa and other places. Most were Mexican but they came from all over. Some were even born here in the States. One farmer said “We used to own our slaves; now we just rent them.

        I briefly dated a young woman from Cuba once. Her name was Judy. I was in school at VCU at the time. Her brother was a chef. She was very involved in the migrant rights movement back then. Their treatment had actually gotten worse from what it was back in 1960. Public opinion and outrage had made for some cosmetic changes after Murrow’s documentary. Enough to make politicians and do-gooders feel better about themselves but soon enough, after the attention faded, Big Ag got back to doing what they do and getting what they wanted and in the end, the migrant labor force paid for sins of their fathers… like poor people always do.

    • ” Or you can just grant them full citizenship. If you truly cared about liberty, isn’t the latter a better solution?”


      • as I pointed out in an earlier comment, Comprehensive Immigration Reform or the “Path to Citizenship” isn’t about making them citizens. it’s about creating a second class servant class LEGAL STATUS for them so Big Business can basically have LEGAL SLAVES.

        One way to end this debate right quick is to campaign to ACTUALLY MAKE THEM FULL CITIZENS IMMEDIATELY. You would instantly see even the hispanic illegal immigrant proponants back away from that plan like it was radioactive or something.

        Why? Because they are ALL BACKED by the Big Businesses that profit from having these illegal slaves in our country, that’s why.

        They would NEVER ACCEPT making them full citizens instantly because yes, then they can form unions or go work elsewhere if they don’t like working conditions. They would be PROTECTED by the few workers RIGHTS that CITIZENS have.

        So no… Big Business, the neoliberals who push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and even the advocates for the illegals who happen to be of Latin decent… none of them would be for that.

    • You sitting here telling me “they really don’t want open borders” just happens to fly in the face of established neoliberal economic ideology and decades of history and the legislation they impose on countries via the IMF and World Bank.

      In other words… that’s your little fantasy opinion and that’s fine if you want to believe it. But the FACTS are the FACTS. You can do the research like I have for years or… you can just continue to stick to the world view that suits your personal needs.

      Just like the libertarian person who wrote above about “Big Gubmint is still the problem”, you are going to have to take a look at what constitutes your comfort zone and come to a new understanding of the world if you want to be honest about it. Just because you like to tell yourself that “flexible workforces” and migration aren’t major pillars of neoliberal globalization doesn’t make it so unfortunately.

  5. the only thing i was saying about woody’s song is that the issue of illegal immigration has been going on for well over a century & that it’s the big money interests who were behind it (and who benefited from it) and that the cops & law worked for them. but i’m pleased to hear you play the song; i’m a musician, too.

    i’m not sure i agree with your belief that amnesty would mean more protections for workers. i tend to think that those laws are being supported by the moneyed interests to vouchsafe their access to cheap labor in an era of increased scrutiny. i don’t see a lot changing there.

    and i agree with you that it’s not immigrants who are “screwing the american worker”, but rather the various corporate entities who stand to profit from cheap labor. believe me, i know that the problems in this country (or any country) are not the fault of the poor and powerless, but rather those with power who are calling the shots.

  6. Did you see Ann Coulter’s comments? They are actually harsher than yours.

    • Tucker was pretty harsh as well. but I will look at hers. though I never thought I would actually say or do that.. lol

      • Yes, this was my first time reading something she posted. I read it two or three times. I thought I was reading it wrong. I am not sure if she supported him or not, but I had assumed that she had. Hence, my shock.

    • she is certainly more scathing of Trump, that’s for sure. But she was a BELIEVER in him at one time, wasn’t she? And what do they say about a woman scorned?

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