The FCC is Suspiciously Blocking Investigation Into Comment Fraud (Humanist Report video)

The FCC is not just refusing to comply with the New York state Attorney General’s investigation into widespread comment fraud committed during the FCC’s net neutrality repeal comment period; they’re actively blocking it. Something is not right here, and it may point to a sign of culpability of someone at the FCC that Chairman Ajit Pai is covering for—or worse—he’s trying to shield himself from guilt.

Riots killed 20 people; main organizers detained: Police

from Press TV

The main plotters of recent scattered riots in some Iranian towns and cities have been identified and arrested, a police spokesman says.

General Saeed Montazer-al-Mahdi said on Sunday that a few “deceived elements” and “rioters” who breached the country’s security and damaged private and public property had been taken care of and the agitation was over.

“The people and protesters who had rightful demands were separated in the minimum time possible from the organizers and those directing [the riots] and the violators were identified and arrested,” he said.

Among the detainees, he said, are those who disrespected Iran’s national flag and steered a fire engine into the crowd of people in the western city of Doroud, killing a father and his son.

A total of 20 people, including a police officer, lost their lives in the violence, he said.

Those detained were handed over to judicial authorities who have released most of them, only holding the main culprits and saboteurs…

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Crime Minister: Anti-Netanyahu protest grips Tel Aviv (Ruptly video)

Around 3000 of Israeli protesters marched for the sixth consecutive week in Tel Aviv on Saturday, demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resigns over corruption allegations. Protesters shouted slogans “Bibi go home!” and “Corporate power, organized crime” while carrying placards denouncing the government.