Sellouts Sanders and Warren Backing Color Revolution Terrorists in Iran

by Scott Creighton

I have written and said on many occasions that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are fake progressives who always back the Washington Consensus in the end. Bernie has NEVER seen a color revolution or a regime change operation that he has opposed. NEVER. He always stands with Israel whenever they decide to bomb women and children in Gaza PLUS… he likes to hang out and take pictures with the “Islamic State Fire Brigade” also known as the “White Helmets”

Today Mike Pence posted a picture on Twitter supposedly showing support for our regime change color revolutionaries in Iran is a “bipartisan” thing. In that photo he shared are other Tweets from several so-called “liberal” congress critters… two of them were Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

It’s probably safe too say that their vocal support of the latest “freedom fighters” is directly tied to the support they get from AIPAC.

Both of these fake progressives are SCUMBAGS and ANY organization purporting to push for “CHANGE” in the next election cycle that have ANYTHING to do with him… is full of shit and OBVIOUSLY a limited hangout, controlled opposition effort to sheepdog wayward lefties back into the warm, fuzzy fold of the fake-left establishment.

5 Responses

  1. “It’s probably safe too say that their vocal support of the latest “freedom fighters” is directly tied to the support they get from AIPAC.”

    It’s probably safe to assume this about Elizabeth Warren, who knows which side her bagel is buttered on but it is unfair to Bernie.
    Bernie is… sincere. The support he gets from AIPAC is not a motivating factor for him. He does not express gratitude to AIPAC by his actions but rather AIPAC expresses its gratitude to him for his loyalty. He would do it for free.
    Of course, no politician prefers to expend effort in whipping up electoral funds if a generous donor spares him the bother. AIPAC is not an indigent organization and neither are Bernie’s richest individual donors. They all save a lot of dough by deducting from their taxes donations made to “charitable” organizations in a foreign country– an exception US laws make for only one foreign country: the closest ally. So everybody gains. Everybody who counts….

  2. All these US politicians have such a genuine interest in the prosperity and freedom of Iranians. I guess they really do love these people, just like they love the Syrian and Palestinian people. Their concern is very touching. The people of the region must be so grateful for their support.

    Anyone vomiting yet?

  3. Looks like SITE “found” a new video. Supposedly ISIS is now going after Hamas in Gaza. How convenient.

    • Shows you how protean those ISIS religious fanatics are: until now they were all about fighting the shias, whom they, as sunnies (like the Saudis), hate. Suddenly they added Hamas (sunnies themselves) to the list of their enemies. It turns out that “heretics” must be all those muslims (be they shias or sunnies) whom Israel considers obstacles.

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