Las Vegas Shooting: Right Across the Street from the CIA’s Airline… JANET

(H/T M.E.)

When I speculated on Oct. 2nd that the Las Vegas shooting assets probably escaped the country via Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport I had no idea that the CIA’s airline terminal was right there across the street.

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Sellouts Sanders and Warren Backing Regime Change Op in Iran Along with Neocons John Bolton and Sean Hannity

This is the Washington Consensus in a nutshell. Sanders and Warren are frauds and I am personally sick to death of anyone who tries to pretend otherwise.

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Sellouts Sanders and Warren Backing Color Revolution Terrorists in Iran

by Scott Creighton

I have written and said on many occasions that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are fake progressives who always back the Washington Consensus in the end. Bernie has NEVER seen a color revolution or a regime change operation that he has opposed. NEVER. He always stands with Israel whenever they decide to bomb women and children in Gaza PLUS… he likes to hang out and take pictures with the “Islamic State Fire Brigade” also known as the “White Helmets”

Today Mike Pence posted a picture on Twitter supposedly showing support for our regime change color revolutionaries in Iran is a “bipartisan” thing. In that photo he shared are other Tweets from several so-called “liberal” congress critters… two of them were Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

It’s probably safe too say that their vocal support of the latest “freedom fighters” is directly tied to the support they get from AIPAC.

Both of these fake progressives are SCUMBAGS and ANY organization purporting to push for “CHANGE” in the next election cycle that have ANYTHING to do with him… is full of shit and OBVIOUSLY a limited hangout, controlled opposition effort to sheepdog wayward lefties back into the warm, fuzzy fold of the fake-left establishment.

Frost on My Car This Morning… in Tampa, Fl

UPDATED with better video

It’s been cold but not super cold this past week down here in the Sunshine State. I live all the way down in Tampa and found a little surprise waiting for me when I went to walk Church this morning.


Too bad I didn’t start that business selling window scrapers like I wanted to a couple years back.

That first video was too dark. Here is another one that is much better. The sun is coming up but the frost is still there.