Vicious MEK Terror Organization is At the Forefront of Our Iranian Regime Change Operation

MEK terrorists being used in new Iran color revolution like “ISIS” and al Qaeda were in Iraq and Syria.

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sources after the break

Caleb’s video

Deep State Asset and Manufactured “Hero” Edward Snowden Now Promoting Iranian Destabilization Campaign

Moon of Alabama write-up

US News and World Report article

Rudy and the Terrorists: The MEK Terrorists Take Over Camp Liberty

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5 Responses

  1. Yes, Caleb is right. Youtube Channel promoting regime change in Iran, with all the familiar faces, including Bana and the rest of the gang. This channel has been on YT for 8 years and is neo-con supported. It is, I’m guessing, the official channel of the political arm of MEK:

    Here is Ambassador calling for Regime Change in Iran out in the open. While he is at it, he twists history and turns events on its head. Unfuckingbelievable.

  2. Yes, Caleb is right. It’s all out in the open with an entire You Tube channel devoted to it.
    Here are just two examples from this channel:


    In the first vid, with ambassador talking, notice the backdrop.
    In the second vid, even little Bana is included 🙂

  3. This is way off the subject, but how is everyone doing? this super cold
    east coast and mid west and north east sounds scary. Upper north Florida even had ice and snow this morning.
    Had to go out today… Tampa, in icy cold rain and windy in 37 degrees temperatures. Hands got so cold they could barely move. NO, had no gloves.. don’t know where I put them years ago. So I don’t know how you people with below freezing temps are making it.
    Sure puts a damper on a person’s spirits…..
    supposed to warm up next week…. hope they are right.
    take care..

    • Doing ok, Jan.

      Got everythihg started the other day, still starts today. Those machines take a while to remember about winter. Takes us peoples a while, too.

      Hope youz don’t have to deal with it for long, but who knows. Things getting so strange, these days.

      Anyway, hi to Scott.

  4. good to hear you got your car going… 🙂
    I have a first cousin in Md…. they are in the middle of the blizzard storm tearing up the East coast. She said it is like a hurricane except it is snow and sleet swirling around…. and very cold.
    Going to start getting warmer tomorrow !

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