Twitter’s Slightly Terrifying New Policy for 2018 isn’t Concerned with Governments Wishing Death and Harm on “Peoples” Across the Globe

You think I’m exaggerating?

Think again.

Happy New Year from Twitter… for everyone except those whom our government wishes harm upon… those “peoples” can just go fuck themselves I guess… cus Twitter ain’t got their backs.

I wonder if this means Twitter will ban those of us who actually DO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT VICTIMS OF STATE AGGRESSION ACROSS THE GLOBE!?!? Kinda sounds that way doesn’t it?

So now if I’m suddenly banned from Twitter… you know why. lol

9 Responses

  1. Speaking for my local government, Twitter has cut it owns throat long ago….Join the Legion

  2. The alternative to Twitter…until it isn’t….

  3. Well, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:

    Too old to stay up with change.

    I’ll keep reading here, long as I can. Doubt if I’ll try posting again, so:

    Happy New Year to all.

    • Oh, this one other thing:

      Too cold to get anything started here ( -17 degrees right now). Everything just growls, then quits even that.

      So, if you’re stuck with reading my bitching for a while, blame this weather.

      • -17 degrees ! How in the world do you get to the grocery store? That is terrible. I would be bitching also…. if I could get my frozen mouth to work.
        Hope it warms up for you all.
        If the car doesn’t work, does that mean your antifreeze is frozen also?
        I am so sorry…. please stay safe….. they say newspaper is great for wrapping around your legs and chest before you put all your clothes and outerwear on… a great insulator…. anyway…. that’s what I have heard.

        • Don’t know what it means, Jan. Too cold to open the hood, try and see what’s wrong, maybe break something else.

          Thanks for the tip, though. Probably have to walk down to Casey’s General Store for something some time today, and wait for a warm-up.

  4. It won’t just be our government that this will be benefiting.

  5. No, it doesn’t apply to “government entities” if those governments are our accomplices or pets or dependents, which is why Ahed’s account was suspended and her mother will be tried for uploading a video showing “the slap that was heard around the world”:

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