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  1. Hi, Scott

    Was nice to see the face, hear the voice, understand the thinking, etc. of the one behind the best web site on the air.

    Thank you for giving us that look.

  2. Hi Roy…. Happy New Year….
    and Scott… I liked your video…
    but you are not a burden to me…… you are a joy….. you have a wonderful sense of humor, you are a kind person and generous with your knowledge and patience …. some times you get ‘testy’ as we all do… 🙂
    …. remember those two little baby kittens you took in the house….. and what a ton of work they were for you…. you didn’t give up.. you kept them until the Humane society would have room for them. Maybe a lot of people do these things… and a lot do not..
    I get confused about how to do this or that on my computer and you will take time to figure it out and fix it for me..
    you are almost constantly in pain…. and hardly say a word about it.
    you are a joy…..
    I am proud of you…..
    your mom

  3. Hey Scott, best wishes for a better new year to you and yours. I check website daily and find it refreshing that you are NOT in it for the ad dollars, because this precisely why people get so easily corrupted with their content. I can’t say that agree with every one of your articles, but probably with 80% of them 🙂 Will send you a little donation when I can (won’t be in January), and hope you got the last one. It was sent in cash in an unmarked envelope. Keep up the good research, which I know from experience, takes hours. Lets hope their regime change operation in Iran doesn’t bear fruit. BWT, keep your eye on Jordan. Jordan’s king Abdullah (major US/Israel client state) is PISSED at the US – hence his fear of a palace coup by his own family members. As they say, we live in interesting times 😦

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