Neoliberal News of the Day: Middle East on Fire Edition

Three stories: Iran, Israel and Yemen. One as cover for the other two. But it’s business as usual in the Middle East in spite of Trump’s non-interventionist promises. Looks like his “change” is going to be a lot like Barack’s.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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anti-corruption protests in Israel
Zero Hedge coverage of purported pipeline attack in Iran
Aletho News article on reasons why Israel and US hate Iran so much
Fresh Saudi airstrikes on Yemen on eve of 1,000th day of war against the citizens of Yemen
Israel attacks Gaza after admitting Hamas had nothing to do with mortar attack
Color Revolution snipers kill two in Iran
Iran Color Revolution Redux
fake “alt-right” praising Hillary Clinton

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5 Responses

  1. Who can help Yemen ?
    I always thought Muslims had more respect for human life….not to kill…
    why can’t people be true to their beliefs ?
    good video….
    I hope the protesting Israelis are successful….

  2. With all the mass killing going on (forever by the way), you’d think the Ruling Class was only able to live if there is blood to drink and horrific agony and suffering to absorb. Maybe that is why they are called “Blue Bloods”- a Vampire/Alien/Demonic Hybrid. Although that idea has been around for some time, it is really starting to sound like a correct assessment.

  3. Nice url naming there. “neoliberal-news-of-the-day-middle-east-on-fire-edition” turns up millions of hits on Bing and Yahoo, with Google’s throttle still producing over 160 hits (they censor about a million to one compared to the other two on controversial subjects). Just an FYI to encourage you to keep up the good work!

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