Iran Color Revolution Redux: Remembering the Neda Hearts and Minds Psyop from 2009

by Scott Creighton

Do you remember the attempted color revolution Hillary and Barack tried back in 2009? Pretty silly right? Well apparently Mr. Non-interventionist Trump has decided to give it go for his new best buddy Bibi.

All those “anti-establishment” libertarians who backed Trump in last year’s election are jumping on board the regime change train now with their sights set on Iran.

There has been a couple of phony looking “protest marches” over there with a couple young republican-looking Iranians marching up and down various squares trying their best to look like a large crowd while Trump’s apologists keep Tweeting about how the MSM isn’t covering this fake “uprising” enough. I guess they figured they gave more coverage to Killary’s regime change ops than they are giving The Donald’s so they’re pissed off.

I don’t need to get too far into the ridiculous color revolution psyops taking place at this time. They are pretty small and pathetic and they are obviously done on Israel’s behalf.

But I thought I would remind you of the Neda psyop and how stupid that staged little scene was in case we see a repeat of the same thing done this time around. Because “knowing is half the battle” right? And if we don’t learn from the past… we are doomed to repeat it.

So enough with the cliches. Let’s look back on Hillary’s first regime change operation… Iran’s Green Revolution of 2009

You can go here and scroll down to see all the work I did on the first Green Revolution back in 2009. Here are a couple articles I wrote back then.

I could go on with more articles from back then, but I think you get the point.

Seems like the Obama regime hit the ground running in 2009 with this ridiculous attempt at a color revolution. I suppose you might find some incriminating emails in Hillary’s server if you had access to it. But I digress.

We will certainly see more of these kinds of staged events in the very near future and when we do, I will expose them like I did with the Neda psyop.

5 Responses

  1. Deja Vu all over again?

  2. Crikey! It sounds worse than North Korea…. 😉

  3. A truly bogus script, let me rephrase:
    “Dear president of a foreign nation,
    I am seven and although I am clearly receiving a world class education as I can read and write English, spell beautifully and can comprehend complex world govt’s political agendas such as assuming the leader of another government might be interested in my viewpoints on the shortcomings of my own government (in areas other than my extraordinary education).”
    I can’t wait for her poems.

  4. The video analysis in the top article has been taken down – any idea where we can find another version?

    • no. I just looked at Youtube to see if there was another version and Googled it on the old interwebs but couldn’t find it. sorry. The images, the screenshots, I included in the article came from that video so that might be all that is left of it.

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