Corruption in Vegas Shooting Investigation and Vegas Strong Fund (AE video)

There is something so rotten at the core of these American Gladio events it enables vultures the freedom to blatantly exploit the victims even more in their aftermath. We have seen it happen over and over again and the pattern continues to this day with both the Vegas Victims Fund and the Vegas Strong Fund.

When the corrupt FBI is doing everything they can to sweep the truth about the event under the rug, the rats figure they can get away with just about anything. And the truth is… they can.

One Response

  1. All a Prelude to ‘declaring State of Emergency’.
    Globe Ruler$ engineering Financiali$ation Re-Ordering a.k.a. Depression BreakDown Liquidation etc.
    AND PENTAGON SLAUGHTER around the world.

    Then ‘they’ shut. down. Every One

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