The Puppy Chronicles

UPDATE: Took me two hours to get her to trust me enough to touch her. Fed her, gave her water. She sat in my lap. Gave up waiting for the county crew to come by (they still haven’t called back) so I made a deal with the Tampa Humane Society and they agreed to take her in and find her a good home. So I took her by there and said my goodbyes and she was doing fine with them and she is probably resting comfortably for the first time in a while tonight and she will be adopted pretty quickly everyone there said. She’s cute and bright and outgoing and she will do just fine.

The whole thing took about 10 hours and I am beat. She’s going to be fine and I will be back to finishing my article on multilateral institutions tomorrow morning.

Hi folks. Sorry about no posts thus far this morning.  A Stray puppy (about 20 pounds) is running around my yard and I am trying to keep it contained until SPCA folks get here. Been about 2 hours thus far. Will post a photo of her later. She was scared at first but now tries to play with me and lets me pet her. Can’t get a leash on her yet.

Anyway, will be back at it soon.

4 Responses

  1. Glad these animals are lucky enough to find their way to you. You obviously do right by them!

  2. Get out the hot dogs! You are a good man Scott.

  3. Proud to know you, Scott. Posts can wait.

    Hi to Jan.

  4. You are more than beat… you are in pain and exhausted I am amazed that you won that little pup over….. she (pup) evidently has been chased and treated badly by others ….
    she’ll find a good home now……

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