The World… The World Is a Business, Mr. Beale

by Scott Creighton

I just had a nice conversation with a reader on the phone. He wanted to talk about the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and the negative influence it’s having on our country and other nations around the world. As it just so happened, I have been researching the WTO (GATS and GATT are part of it) and the recent failure of their Buenos Aires ministerial conference as it relates to the overall woes the world of multilateral trade deals and institutions are facing these days. I will be posting that article later today or tomorrow morning. It’s working title is “Trump and the Sun-setting on the Age of Multilateralism – But Which America Comes First?”

The conversation was lively and we ended up talking about all sorts of major current issues like the multilateral trade agreements being an assault on nationalism and democracy, how they are designed to enrich a few while impoverishing millions and how they funnel wealth and power to the top while there is no one seemingly to hold accountable for the decay we see around us.

I don’t think anyone who was awake during the past election cycle (or now for that matter because this debate is still ongoing especially in the unDemocratic Party) fails to understand that this country has been in a tail-spin since the Reagan Revolution started in 1980. As unfettered neoliberal globalization swept the Westernized world, inequity on a grand scale followed in it’s path creating a wake of discontent unlike anything the world has known since the Great Depression.

Fake Democrats were bought or manufactured… both parties were bought up and joined into one (which I call the Business Party)… think-tanks were created to support the great transition while one after another, the leading press outlets of America were infiltrated or bought off by like-minded zealots of a neoliberalized utopia.

You know, we think this all started with Reaganomics and with Thatcher over in Great Britain but in that we are only seeing part of the problem. The video I put up earlier about the 3 myths we believe about WWII is a good starting point for understanding the root of our current condition.

Another example of how this goes back much further that 1980 is the Business Plot of 1934 and our support of the rise of the fascist Nazi party in Germany long before war broke out.

But to keep it at least somewhat current, I suggested this reader look into the Lewis Powell Memo of 1971 and how that served as a blue-print for what we saw develop in the 70s and beyond.

This reader and I spoke of how secretive this process has been and how they already rule the world from behind closed doors in mahogany board-rooms. I mean, look at ObamaCare and the Republican Tax plan. They were both written by business lobbyists and even congressmen weren’t allowed to know what was in them before they voted on them, something that is happening more and more these days I am afraid.

Well, the Lewis Powell Memo was intended to live in secrecy but it was leaked and way back when we got a glimpse into the future they had planned for us. This future.

Keeping in mind that today most folks believe that this all started with the Reagan revolution, I submit to you that scene from Network which was released in 1976… years before Reagan was even elected.

The reader and I talked briefly about how these neoliberal globalists wanted to see states disappear and only business interests remain and it’s funny, I don’t know how old he is, but it’s funny because in all likelihood, this scene from Network which addresses this new gospel was probably filmed long before he was born.

This reader also told me he sees these individuals as a kind of “cult” which apparently is the point the director of Network was trying to make.

But now the cult is the establishment. It is the Washington Consensus.

I wanted to share this little scene with you guys once again because it’s awfully timely I think in the age of Trump. Aside from the fact that it’s beautifully shot and wonderfully acted by Ned Beatty, it reminds us that this is an old conflict and frankly, one which we are losing.

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  1. this is the third time I have tried to post this comment. What is going on?
    The masses will be tolerated slaves. Scary future…

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