UN Jerusalem vote – Ali Abunimah on Al Jazeera English

That moment you realize you’re just a piece of dookie and everyone in the world knows it.

Slapped the fake tan off the boy.

All this kind of reminds me of that time when Colin Powell went to the UNSC with his lies and fake “evidence” to try to convince them to help regime change Iraq on behalf of Israel and they told him to take a hike.

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  1. Ali Abunimah, the officially designated “Palestinian activist,” regularly published by the Chicago Tribune, LA Times and other MSM outlets, instrumental in having kosherized the Palestinian Solidarity Movement by kicking out Alison Weir (founder of “IfAmwericansKnew”), Paul Eisen (co-founder of Deir Yassin Remembered) and Finkelstein, and urging followers to “give no quarter” to Gilad Atzmon whom he labeled a bigot and self-hating Jew.




    If Palestinian rights are your cuppa, get your views from Ali; he has his proofed by his friend Max Blumenthal. He is the consummate and long-practiced anti-zionist zionist.

    • I did not know that. thank you. I don’t post from al Jazeera much anymore. I know they have been compromised years ago after their coverage of the Egyptian protests in 2011.

  2. the issue is …..

    when specifically did the children of Israel
    – {Gen. 49 & Deut. 33} –
    “turn into” Talmudic Jews…from the land of Gog & Magog.

    the really good news is that no one on Earth HAS to believe
    the lies [John 8:44] that are the “Jewish” narrative….

    a mass murder for filthy lucre business model for
    psychopathic proselytes to the Bad Faith so-called


    knowing the truth is the exit strategy…from the
    stool sculpture deity cult compound

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