Manufactured Hero Ed Snowden to Spy on Activists and Investigative Journalists with New Haven App

Edward Snowden, the manufactured hero of the CISPA movement, wants you to install his new App on your phone which he admits will spy on everything around it at all times. And he even suggests “activists and investigative journalists” use this near stuff they want to protect… like evidence, leaks or incriminating videos… or their bedrooms.

And he makes this pitch in a new video with him sitting in front of someone else’s electronics workbench while whispering like sneaky uncle Vinny or something. It is bizarre and creepy and makes me sick when I think of the young, dumb narcissistic a-holes who will buy into this honey-pot surveillance trick.

Funny thing is, he brags about how his new app is linked to State Department-backed and Department of Defense created TOR and the State Department’s Guardian Project.

You would have to be a special kind of stupid to put this thing on your phone and set it up in your house or your bedroom.

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Haven App on Google Play (of course it is)
RT pushing this stupid crap
My work on Edward Snowden psyop

Skype: americaneveryman

5 Responses

  1. Very stupid to pay for it… makes me wonder why Snowdon is even trying to sell it…. we live in a strange world now…

  2. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! Made my day! But yeah, people will be stupid enough to fall for it. As if Windows 10 wasn’t already creepy enough. And pushing the app via Google is the icing on the cake on this one. This is precisely what Binney was actually trying to expose: the privatization of the entire security apparatus for unending profits, while at the same time ushering in mass surveillance of everybody on the damn planet. The entire crypto cult is creepy as hell, if you ask me.

    • I forgot to mention Windows 10 in the video. good point. and yes, him pushing it on Google Play is perfect isn’t it?

      • Yep. And being the benevolent libertarian that he is, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if, besides pushing home security apps for the gullible, he’s also working on the Navalny campaign as an extra gig 😉 Such a hero, our little Eddie 😉

  3. That’s what’s beautiful about having read your perspectives on Ed Snowden. From that point on, you’re unlikely to be duped by his shenanigans. Although this one caught me off guard and seems kinda out of left field. Nevertheless, total minefield.

    I posted a link to your article on since I’ve been checking the place out for months and can’t recall seeing any of your stuff there.

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