Catalonia pro-independence parties secure absolute majority in parliament

by Scott Creighton

After voting for independence in the referendum held on Oct. 1st, 2017, the people of Catalonia were punished by the Spanish government for voting the wrong way. State violence leveled at them in the run up to and during the vote did not dissuade the people. And apparently having their regional government fired en masse by the Spanish government and arrest warrants issued for their leader (who is now in hiding in some other country) didn’t dissuade them either.

Yesterday Spain imposed a new round of snap elections on the people of Catalonia so they could elect a new government that supported remaining with Spain. Didn’t work out that way. The pro-separatist parties won 70 of 135 seats giving them an absolute majority and the ability to run the government.

So now it looks like Spain will fire all of them if they don’t agree to play ball and hold another snap election and keep doing it until they get what they want or Catalonia runs out of citizens to run for office.

As a side note: Spain was one of the first members of the Coalition of the Willing back in April of 2003 sending 1,300 troops into Iraq to help that country find “freedom” and “democracy”

Is Franco still in charge over there?

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  1. This is great news… more Christmas presents.

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