What Standing with the Apartheid State of Israel Looks Like

Nikki Haley pouts after the UNGA vote yesterday shows no one cared about her childish threats. Here she sits in solidarity with Micronesia, the Marshal Islands, Nauru, Togo, Palau and of course… Israel… while the rest of the world is on the right side of history and international law.

It’s a hell of a metaphor for our current state of affairs in the world isn’t it? A small little diminutive creature pouting, scheming, shifting her little eyes from one “betrayer” to the next like a sorority girl prima donna fuming over petty issues at a mixer.

I guess in the end the rest of the world still holds to the notion that MIGHT does not always supersede RIGHT and it seems little Nikki has just figured that out. I almost feel sorry for the cretin.


11 Responses

  1. “Here she sits in solidarity with Micronesia, the Marshal Islands, Nauru, Togo, Palau and of course… Israel”

    You are being very unfair by leaving out Guatemala and Honduras.

    • yes that is true. I guess i have a soft spot in my heart for all the banana republics our neoliberal masters rule over. seeing as how we are now a banana republic ourselves I mean.

  2. Lest I we need to remind anyone, Micronesia is a group of Islands just North of the equator that the USA “acquired” after defeating the Japanese in WWII. They are completely at the mercy of the USA in almost every way. A pawn on the chessboard that is the first to slaughter at the behest of the King and Queen.

  3. It’s the most overt expression of the USA as gangster state yet.
    We all knew about arm twisting, collusion and threats behind closed doors.
    But now it’s all out in the open.
    Hopefully some good will come of the Trump regime’s blatant criminality (as opposed to previous less blatant criminality).

    • you are absolutely correct. two separate crime families. one rules through nuance and intrigue while the other with brute force collusion and bold-faced threats. One with silent drones from above, the other with “shock and awe”. both are criminal without the slightest hint of morality but they seek their goals through very different means.

  4. Personally I’m a long way from feeling sorry for the cretin. Feeling sorry hasn’t even appeared on the horizon yet.
    Being old enough to be her father I just want to spank her ass – panties down.

  5. America was never going to be fair to the Palestinians. It is about time American favoritism and biases in favor of Israel disqualify America as peace maker. Let the well respect Christian Putin step in.

    • you can go back to the early peace talks with Clinton and see that. Yeah, we have never been an honest arbiter when it comes to this debate and probably never will be. I do hope someone else steps in

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