ZioTrump’s Attack Dog Haley Threatens All Nations Who Vote Against Our “Sovereign Right” to Give Jerusalem to Israel #THUGstateAMERICA

Lying bitch says this is the “will of the American people” and they will “remember” all nations who vote against them today. What a thug. Threatening to withhold money… might as well be threatening to send her “ISIS” squad over to their countries to destabilize them and kill their civilians if they “vote the wrong way”

Fucking Trump has turned into Hillary Clinton in 11 short months.


5 Responses

  1. Hi Scott!
    You might like to insert the shopped pic of Trump & Hillary combined !

  2. Link to the Donald & Killary combined

  3. And I say to you, Nikki Haley…

  4. Meet Nikki Hillary, our US Embarrassador.

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