Neoliberal News of the Day – Tax Bill Edition

Today’s Neoliberal News of the Day focuses entirely on the Republican tax bill that just passed the Senate on route back to the House and then briefly the President’s desk… winding up in the pockets of Big Business and America’s favored oligarchs.

The way business gets done… in banana republics.

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Harvard Business Review
National Petroleum Radio
White House briefing
Dramatic Chipmunk

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4 Responses

  1. very nice video..
    speaking of corporations making more money….. many of the Walmart stores installed stalls where customers could check themselves out.. thus allowing Walmart to let half of their cashier employees go. it did not work. Some customers discovered that they could pretend to check out some items and bag them… then walk out the store with maybe one half of their items for free. So some Walmart stores have un-installed the self serve stalls and hired their cashiers back. LOL

  2. Thinking about banana republics, and just wondering if things would look any different here, in these days, if it had been a Democrats bill.

    • well, we certainly wouldn’t have known as much about the FBI’s spying on a presidential candidate, which is one thing that makes us a banana republic. Now, that is’t too say it wouldn’t have happened… it would have just been successful and our banana republic status would still be listed as “unconfirmed” as it has been for so many years in the past. And we probably wouldn’t have gotten such an “in your face” version of the Rethuglican tax giveaway to Big Business plan but certainly Hillary would have paid back something to her friends at Goldman Sachs just like Trump did. In all honesty I think the only difference might have been her reaction to Syria and Russia and Iran winning the battle for Greater Kurdistan, which is pretty much the only thing Trumpster hasn’t done that the masters of the universe wanted. She would probably give away half of our “entitlement” programs in some sort of phony “compromise” like Obama did way back when and tried to get the TPP started up again. It would be ugly, that’s for sure. Just a different brand of ugly perhaps. Perhaps it would look exactly the same. there is no telling. One thing for sure, the “collusion” distraction wouldn’t be around. don’t know what would have taken it’s place to demonize Russia. Something. sure of that.

      • I don’t trust my “eyes” anymore, Scott. Lots of things looking fuzzy, even around this place I’ve lived in for years.

        So, don’t be alarmed if I don’t post anymore.

        I’ll still read this site long as I can, make what I can of it.

        As always, keep at what you do long as you can.

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