As the Draconian Tax Bill Ascends, The Jill Stein Story is the Last Volley of the Russian “Collusion” Distraction

by Scott Creighton

In spite of the fact that Rachel Maddow is still dedicating most of her air-time to baseless innuendo, sophomoric “what do you think THAT means?” theatrics and six-degrees of separation connections between Trump and anyone that ever said the word “Russia” out loud, for the rest of world, the Russian “collusion” probe is pretty much dead and buried. There was never a “there” there in the first place but they kept it going for as long as they could in order to keep progressive minded people distracted from the real damage Donald Trump was doing to the country with his neoliberal Reaganite reactionary presidency.

Why did those in the unDemocratic Party play along with this sideshow that promised to never go anywhere or turn up anything of any consequence? Because they’re all Reaganite reactionaries as well and like it or not, they all support the big tax breaks for Big Business and billionaires who pay them for their services.

This latest distraction, the claim that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is investigating Jill Stein for potential “collusion” with the Ruskies is absolutely ridiculous but it’s being snatched upon by various “thought leaders” on social media across the spectrum of controlled opposition:

Despite the breathless proclamations, the “witch hunt” has not come for Jill Stein. The “Russian collusion” weapon of mass distraction may have been turned in her direction temporarily for the time being since no one except Rachel Maddow’s brainless followers give a crap about it anymore.

Honestly folks, if they couldn’t frame-up Trump’s people who actually had meetings with some Russian salad dressing eaters at one time, how the hell do they think they can pin a win on Jill Stein because she was invited to the RT 10th Year Anniversary dinner back in 2015? Micheal Flynn was sitting at the same table and pictured sitting right next to Ebil Putin and he didn’t get anything in the end but a slap on the wrist for lying to the FBI (everyone lies to the FBI including Hillary’s little workers when they were asked about Benghazi) because he didn’t want to tell them ISRAEL asked him to ask the Russians to veto a resolution in the UNSC.

Truth is, this story is old. Very old. And it’s being rekindled because the reactionary Republican tax bill is about to hit the floors of the House and Senate and it’s gonna turn this nation into some kind of Dicksonian nightmare (or a Randian wet dream, depending on where you sit I suppose)

“One of the congressional investigations into Russian election meddling has a new politician in its crosshairs. BuzzFeed reported Monday that the Senate is investigating possible Jill Stein ties with Russia as part of its broader probe into potential Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. When asked about the reports on Monday, committee chair Richard Burr told reporters that the committee is looking for evidence of “collusion with the Russians” from the 2016 Green Party candidate’s campaign. Bustle has reached out to the Stein campaign for comment on the reports.” The Bustle Dec. 19, 2017

“The top congressional committee investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election has set its sights on the Green Party and its nominee, Jill Stein.” Buzzfeed, Dec. 18 2017

When I say this story is old… I mean it’s old.

“We’re certainly interested in any efforts the Russians made to influence our election. There have been public reports, I think, that Jill Stein was also in Russia attending the RT function, so we’re going to need to look at any efforts the Russians made through whatever means to influence our elections.” Rep. Adam Schiff, reported July 1, 2017

Jill Stein did her part to help out the Clinton machine right after the election when she crowd-sourced funding to do a recount of the votes in the general election. None was done after the stolen primary by the way. Stein selected those three states (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania) where Trump won surprisingly securing his victory. Folks like Debbie at the Sane Progressive got their followers to help contribute money to the plan which sought evidence of Trump stealing the election. Wisconsin was the only state to do a full audit with the other two only recounting districts where Trump won (my guess is because in the others, the Clinton team padded her numbers considerably like they did during the primary)

The Wisconsin audit showed Trump was actually cheated out of a number of votes and the other two states finished their partial audits showing no vote tampering in the Trump-won districts.

Turns out the recount was John Podesta’s idea all along. Her vice presidential candidate did not support the recount effort to get Killary installed in the White House by the way.

Back in July when this “Stein collusion” story broke she stated that she was there to try to get Putin to cut a deal with the U.S. and stop bombing Syria. He was never bombing Syria… he was bombing U.S. supported “ISIS” destabilization teams. She also says she called for some kind of sanctions against our allies in the region who financially supported “ISIS” but apparently didn’t include us in that group.

Today the Senate takes up the distraction movement and it makes sense when you consider the fact that they are going to be the closest vote on the reactionary tax bill. They certainly want to distract the left now because, as it turns out, several of them are getting major kickbacks from the bill and that’s too say nothing about how much money this bill will make for the president himself. Not only will he pay less as a billionaire but… his kids will save a billion on their inheritances and… it includes a major tax break for developers and major real estate holders.

The bill is just straight up third world banana republic stuff. The kind of legislation that technocrats impose on various countries right after a CIA coup or one of the Clinton’s “humanitarian interventions”

And the votes for this thing take place today and tomorrow while controlled opposition assets screech about “McCarthyism” and other relevant topics such as that.

Of course, the tax bill isn’t very popular on the right either… so they need something to gin up some cover at the old water cooler for them as well…

“When the New York Times reported Saturday that the Pentagon had spent several years and $22 million researching the possible existence of UFOs, tinfoil hat believers breathed a sigh of relief. The rest of us were surprised, but accepted the news nonetheless because it’s 2017 and nothing makes sense. All that said, an alien hunter-slash-scientist in California tells Inverse that there is something unnerving about this story, but it’s not the UFOs.” Inverse, Dec. 18, 2017

Yep. Little green men.

Take a look at what Zionist apologist Lionel Nation is talking about on his Youtube channel. Is it the unpopular tax bill that gives away billions and trillions to Big Business and billionaires? Nope. He’s talking about little green men, ray beams from space burning forests in Cali and the “possibility” of terror or false flag terror in that Amtrak derailment.

The distraction effort is certainly bi-partisan is it not?

Jill Stein is not going to be indicted. She isn’t going to be called to congress to testify. She isn’t going to have to lawyer up, as they say. This story will disappear in time just it did before.

The story that wont go away is how this piece of legislation is going to cripple our economy and the lives of so many people in this country while it enriches a handful of politically connected billionaires and businesses.

7 Responses

  1. I prefer little green apples for my pie…..
    I know…. i am off topic…..
    just hope the tax bill gets hacked…
    I have huge delusions…

  2. It’s easy to steal trillions when all it takes to buy Senator Corker’s vote is a measly 1.1 million.
    I can feel the tinkle-down effects already!

  3. I suppose the list of controlled opposition assets screeching about “McCarthyism” no longer includes the Donald. Even the Grand Duke of the Mockingbirds himself jumped on the Russian Meddlin’ bandwagon yesterday with his ‘new’ national security strategy. Sounds kinda like a notice-of-intent to invade Russia …again. Bomb the shit out of them, take the oil. Nothing new about that strategy. In fairness, it would be the first time a game show host attacked an ICBM-armed country. That’d be new.

    Of course, land wars in Asia can be pricey. Perhaps that’s the idea behind this new tax-the-shit-out-of-the-poor plan: socialize the costs of Barbarossa III?

    I’m beginning to wonder if they didn’t mess up the German-English translation of the term Alt-Right? Maybe they meant Old Reich instead?

    • Bingo! Things make a lot more sense once you realize a clever faction of Nazis arranged to win WWII while “losing” it. Recluse over at has some great deep background work on the shady alliances that were made during and after the war and how vast amounts of assets went “underground” to finance this network. Of relevance to the alt-right is his research showing actual connections between Nazi-era Germans and US militia movements, along with other hard right groups who were the precursors to the alt-right.

  4. You’re right: it’s a distraction ploy. Jill Stein is not “political opposition,” as always trustworthy Max Blumenthal tells us. He was just directed to get her “progressive dipped,” but carefully, at no risk to her…. Jill Stein isnot “green.” She, like Bernie, is pale blue.

  5. Or something serving as a distraction:

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