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  1. Here’s what you white folks–me included–need to know, we are being targeted for extinction;;

    • there was an article posted the other day, WSJ I think, an op-ed, by a guy lamenting the fact that he was born with white skin. and they published it. can you imagine if it were any other race doing that? one reason Micheal Jackson fans are mad is because they say our sick culture made him hate his black skin. to some degree they are correct. they say that, write that, and everyone mourns. this guy writes he is ashamed of his white skin and folks applaud. it’s a different world indeed, ain’t it?

  2. Now I’m getting an idea of how the Lakota Sioux felt like back in the 1880’s.

  3. White people have done many wonderful things…. and bad things…. just like the black people and all other colors of people. If black people can be proud even though they enslaved and murdered each other for centuries in Africa…. then white people can be proud also… without being a supremacist (or whatever you call the ones who hate everyone else)…
    we are all human… and we have all made great contributions to the world…. we should all be proud….. proud enough to try not to do bad things …. all of us.
    there.. I said my piece….

  4. Maybe people need to talk directly to each other….. like stop using the gadgets… get away from it. Neighbors used to gather on porches… and talk about news and politics… they made plans without being listened to by the gadgets….

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