Neoliberal News of the Day Episode 2 Dec. 18, 2017 (AE video)

Neoliberal News is back. Today we talk about the banana republic elections in Latin America and our own FBI-rigged banana republic election from 2016. We talk about the republican tax plan and McKesson killing thousands of our neighbors by dumping narcotics all over our streets for profits and how NO ONE in the Obama administration wanted to hold them accountable for it.

resources available after the link

Chile election
Patch Adams cries FOUL–20171214-0034.html
Honduras says “nothing too see here” with their stolen election
Plan “C” for keeping our neoliberal puppet in place in Honduras
Why the FBI tried to help Hillary steal the general election as well
60 Minutes story on McKesson
Mint Press story on victims of McKesson
5 Ways Tax Bill makes us into the next banana republic
Sheepdog Sanders trying to use republican tax bill as a campaign slogan

Skype: americaneveryman

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  1. well.. that was depressing. 😦

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