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7 Responses

  1. That picture of me on the stocking was taken 16 years ago….. when I first came to Florida ! You took me to see Tampa Bay…….
    Wonder whatever happened to that hat?

    • I remember seeing one looked a lot like that one, Jan, out in the back yard one windy day, right about then. Blew away just as I was bending to reach for it.

      Tell Scott I’ll get something in the mail soon as I can.

      Happy Christmas, you two.

      • LOL
        might have been my hat !
        thank you…. Merry Christmas to you and your family !
        Hope Santa is good to you !

        • Your card came in today’s mail, yours and Scott’s. Thanks for thinking of us.

          I was down by our Post office today, two clerks working, two lines stretching out into the parking lot. I drove away.

          I never think of it, but if I have out-going mail, I should just put it in our mailbox.

          Thing is, I never have the stamps.

          Sucks, this being too old to think about things like that.

          • I got stamps at Walmart…. I hate long lines also. Some drug stores also sell stamps…
            get your stamps in January (before the tax thing hits) and save them for next Christmas… but, don’t forget where you put them. 🙂
            you and Pat have a wonderful Holiday ! Maybe you will have snow for Christmas….
            I keep forgetting to ask… I wonder if any of Scott’s readers are involved in the fires in California? Sure hope not….. those people are having a terrible time.

  2. wonder why wordpress puts their ads under the ‘donate’ post? dumb ads , also.

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