FCC Net Neutrality Hearing Stopped by Security (full commission hearing to that point w/ my commentary and ranting)

by Scott Creighton

As anticipated, they just voted to end net neutrality protections for a free and open internet. After a brief security pause, Ajit Pai resumed to his diatribe of tortured reasoning to explain why he was voting to bolster Big Telecom’s profit margins by ending the title 2 classification of the internet and the net neutrality regulations that have been in place for the past two years.

The two women on the commission voted to preserve the regulations while all of the men voted to remove them in favor of ALEC and Big Telecom.

What follows is a video of the hearing including the statements by the four commissioners and half of Ajit Pai’s leading up to the point where they were forced to leave the room. I did not reengage the recording after that.

I am saddened to see this happen but strangely hopeful that somehow, either by a legal action or one involving congress, that this ruling will be overturned and the free and open internet we enjoy now will continue to thrive. But I fear with Big Business reeling from Killary’s loss in 2016 and the worries they have about their lack of control over the narrative of the news these days, it might take a short time to see all the worst predictions take shape and even longer for any sort of fix to the problem.

I was inspired by the statements made by those two female commissioners. It took courage for them to make them.

The following video is accompanied by my comments while watching the hearing. Some might come across as a bit juvenile but that’s ok. It’s been a stressful week.

I would also like to add… for the record

2 Responses

  1. Pay more and get less, its the American way! But access to fine sites like CNN, FAUX, the Kardashian and the NFL will not be restricted.

    Big Brother is ALWAYS watching out for you.. well, at least watching.

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