Millionaire Senator Rips Poor Kids As Lazy Moochers

Try to ignore the fact that fake-left sellout Cenk Uyger is sitting in the middle of the stage in this video. He says absolutely nothing and looks either stoned or just plain stupid up there. He seems about as quick as a slug in molasses. Other than that, pretty funny little scene.

And, oh Jimmy… stop trying to suck up to Cenk.

3 Responses

  1. Jimmy Dore = the SHIT!!

  2. @Jonnie Favorite: Yes, I agree, but even a broken clock tells the time accurately twice a day. Nothing to object to as far as this video is concerned: The “Senator” is odious.

    • and to your point… Jimmy Dore just did two full length videos with Cenk Uyger’s RussiaGate-backing side kick Nomiki Konst in which she said Donna Brazile was “never a Clintonite” and that the “new” Democratic party is getting better and more inclusive while she seems to be promoting Donna Brazile for president in 2020. Jimmy sat there and played the straight man to her bullshit routine.

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