Trump White House preparing sweeping attack on the poor

(I was told today I have emphysema. I’ve known about my COPD for a while now but that was brought about by chronic bronchitis. This is something kind of new to me. A little depressing.)

by Patrick Martin from WSWS

The Trump administration is preparing a frontal assault on social programs for the poorest Americans, according to a report published Monday by the Politico web site. This would involve “the most sweeping changes to federal safety net programs in a generation, using legislation and executive actions to target recipients of food stamps, Medicaid and housing benefits,” the web site said.

“The White House is quietly preparing a sweeping executive order that would mandate a top-to-bottom review of the federal programs on which millions of poor Americans rely,” Politico reported. “And GOP lawmakers are in the early stages of crafting legislation that could make it more difficult to qualify for those programs.”

The executive order could be issued as soon as next month. It amounts to a political conspiracy against the poorest sections of the working class involving the White House, the congressional leadership and dozens of state governments, working together to slash spending on programs for the poor through a combination of direct benefit cuts, tightened eligibility standards and mistreatment of vulnerable families to drive as many as possible out of programs on which they now depend…

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36 Responses

  1. Something wrong with you if you getting news from fucking lefty

  2. Things might be a little nicer for some of us if we had two parties again.

    Let me know if you need any pills. I have plenty.

  3. Well gosh, someone has to pay for all those billionaire and Fortune 500 tax cuts, even though around 2/3 of US corp pay NO income tax..

    Next on the chopping block, Social Security and Medicare, after all, we must have less so the Pentagon can wage endless wars for Apartheid Israel, protect those Afghan poppy fields, and keep an eye on subversive uppity types that think they still have freedom of speech.

  4. Try vaping. I had a chain smoker friend who was able to quit with that.

  5. Those not yet overdosed had better organize quick. Welfare Reform was bad enough. Commies, Cuts, to the Chipper for Pig-Feed.

  6. 1. So sorry to hear of your diagnosis, Scott. Not a walk in the park, emphysema.
    2. Perhaps Scott could exercise his editorial prerogative and delete the last two comments by Ivane and Canadaslave, which are devoid of content, just mindless ad hominems that lower the standards of comments on this site.
    I resent the fact that they indirectly cast a potentially negative light on a real criticism of WSWS (an ethnic gatekeeping shindig masquerading as advocacy for workers) and Patrick Martin who, if he is the same person as “the Globe and Mail Canadian journalist who since 2008 has been the Jerusalem-based Middle East bureau chief for The Globe and Mail, and the paper’s Middle East correspondent during much of the 1980s, covering the 1982 Lebanon war and other events” (per wiki), is curiously silent about recent events in Israel but all broken up about the poor in the US. It is December 12, yet the Jerusalem-based great expert on the ME did not have any thoughts to share about Trump’s announcement re Jerusalem as Israel’s capital of a week ago??? No, better pen something about the American poor for now. Does it not seem like WSWS is doing a “Don’t look here, nothing to see. Let me show you something else” act?
    And how about WSWS concern for workers? Why, they have a separate section, no less, called Workers Struggles. Read all about nastiness happening at a Ford plant in Ky (Jessica Goldstein reports) and even in Sri Lanka, “corporate” profits (Jerry White [i.e., maiden name Weiss] reports! It is a “socialist” site after all: it’s all about “corporations” (safe concept without ethnicity) against “workers.” But not all workers… don’t expect to ever read about the trade unions in Israel (Histadrut) that are Jews-Only. It is also a site for people with a poor or absent knowledge of history, hence they extoll Trotsky as a great revolutionary to be admired, you know a “Proletarians of the World Unite” guy, who actually hated proletarians, peasants even more, Christians the most and Russians to the max with truly revolutionary ardor and found excruciating ways of showing it to them. he was truly a “universalist”: his entourage was made up by men from Russia, Lithuania, and other countries and … absolutely all Jews.

    Even a broken clock shows the time correctly twice a day so there is nothing wrong with uploading an article from a vile site if it contains factual information, which seems to be the case here. Equally there is nothing wrong with criticizing the site and advising caution when visiting it. Or we could end up being Chomskyites…

  7. This is a tough one. But just how long should people be dependent on welfare? A couple years? Certainly not an entire lifetime. And what if the ones who take advantage of the system and keep making babies so they don’t have to work. Fuck that. I’ve been poor, I’ve been homeless. You can find food in America anywhere. You can live to be 70 right out behind Home Depot if you want. Do all the drugs you want. I’m all for helping kids even when their parents are jobless deadbeats, but there has to be time limits to this. If we just keep giving them welfare they will never have incentive to work. And if you really can’t find a job there is always the fields. Most white people cant make it a day picking vegetables here in Cali. But, for those who are motivated, there is work for everyone. Even drug recovering felons can get work. There are plenty of programs to assist with that. Idk, I think this cleaning of the swamp is over due. We can’t complain that this country sucks and then when someone comes along and does something different complain that it still sucks. At least see if there are any changes. Maybe trump can undo 40 years of out of control neoliberalism.

    • how is he going to undue 40 years of neoliberalism by signing up for 4 more years of neoliberalism? doesn’t make any sense to me. do you even know what neoliberalism is?

  8. Scott, sorry to hear about your emphysema diagnosis. That puts a reality check in your face. Someone as strong willed as you should be able to kick the cig to the curb! Keep up the good reporting.

  9. I gave up smoking 2 years ago, have had pneumonia twice since, bronchitis and asthma regularly and was recently diagnosed with advanced emphysema.

    • sorry to hear that. my case, repeated acute bronchitis twice a year from age 14 to about 35. really bad when in New York cold. on top of that I worked in shops most of that time when not in school. dust, contact cement (sprayed not rolled), lacquer based paint sprayed, various types of stains sprayed, sanding bondo and plywood and ultralight and various hardwoods that whole time. Not to mention plastic lamanant work. Treating various problems with naphtha and denatured alcohol and all sorts of chemicals without wearing adequate protective gear. then add to all of that smoking since I was in high school and other unmentionable passtimes every now and again… I am sure that smoking factored into my current condition but it’s not the only hazard I exposed myself to over the years and certainly not the only cause of emphysema. Bad news either way. Sorry again to hear about your condition.

      • I was a heavy smoker for 40+ years so that’s the most likely culprit but I’ve been in the commercial construction industry for the past 10 years and I’m certain that breathing concrete dust and other particles has exacerbated things.

      • I rarely had bronchitis or asthma when I smoked. I had it as a kid and now since giving up. Weird huh?

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