Lionel Nation’s Litany of Lies in Support of Ajit Pai’s Neoliberal Repeal of Net Neutrality

Lionel let his AIPAC show the other day and today he lets his ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) out as he LIES THROUGH HIS TEETH about the upcoming net neutrality vote at the FCC. To Lionel, Ajit Pai is the next best thing to a hero we got.

I wonder if he gets a paycheck directly from ALEC or if they route it through a second party.

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Lionel’s lying video


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8 Responses

  1. Every time the govt–whether local, state or federal–promised a good thing, a win for everyone, the poor and middle class always got the shaft.
    Doubt it’s much different this time. Our ISP rates will go up immediately and we’ll be shifted into three categories like Silver, Gold and Platinum.
    Those that can pay the extra fees will get premium service, those that can’t won’t and will watch their web page wither away.

    Between Google & FAKEBOOK already wiping sites of their feeds and this NN nut buster, the govt won’t have to censor us uppity types, Big Brother Corp will.

    • “Between Google & FAKEBOOK already wiping sites of their feeds and this NN nut buster, the govt won’t have to censor us uppity types, Big Brother Corp will.”

      absolutely. and we all know it’s not spying, authoritarianism or censorship when Big Business snoops on you, puts you on blacklists or denies you your constitutional rights. That’s the glorious free markets. And like Lyin Lionel says, you could then go “complain” to someone… but since everyone applauded the removal of any and all regulations… there is simply no rule against Big Brother Corp doing it.

  2. I agree

  3. I’m all for the EFF. I can’t think of a better technological rights martyr than Aaron Schwartz. But I remain unconvinced that net neutrality will do anything serious if it stays or if it goes.

    Read the whole Wikipedia entry and tell me if you can draw a conclusion. Shit, six months ago google was for it, now they are against it, and back in 2015 they were lauded for allowing net neutrality to pass because of their silence on the issue!

    To be frank, idgaf either way. Taxes go up regardless. You think spying is going to lessen under any law???

    Nobody is going to lose internet speed. Nothing happened in the first 20 years of internet, nothing happened in the two years of net neutrality, and nothing’s gonna happen moving forward – net neutral or not.

  4. Lionel Nation is full of shit. And your point that a lot of people do NOT have access to more than one ISP, amounts to monopoly power without any checks and balances. And in those markets, were people do have a choice between two providers, my guess is, after net neutrality is smashed, the ISP’s will make you sign 2 year service plans which are going to be very expensive to get out of and switch.
    Totally agree with you on this one, Scott.

  5. I used to be subscribed to this guy. He acted, especially during the campaign, as if he was left leaning but, he did a complete 180 just like punk ass Michael Trimm. You’re exactly right Scott.

  6. Oddly enough, Nation has also been busy selling another ALE© product: the “deep state war on Trump”

  7. God this guys annoying!

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