Church, Hot Dogs and Guilt

God do I love my dog. His name is Church and he’s laying on the guilt thick in this action packed video.

7 Responses

  1. LOL
    That dog would eat your last bit of food and still try to make you feel guilty for not having more.
    He loves you though.

  2. We’ve got one I don’t even like a little, but Pat and Jeff love. Strange thing is, I think he likes me, anyway.

    Maybe cause I’m usually first one up, there to put him out, to put some dog food down for him, take him out for a walk around the park trail down the street.

    My brother-in-law found him out lost and alone, shivering, took him to his place, but Hawkeye and his dog didn’t get along.

    We call him Hawkeye because he’s got one brown eye and one blue one.

    I don’t think he can even see TV. He ignores it unless he hears some barking coming out of it. Then he looks around, trying to find the source.

    Dogs is so dumb.

    • Church is pretty smart and he and I have a kind of understanding. He pouts and I give him what he wants. It’s kind of a give and take in that respect.

      • Hawkeye looks like he is some kind of a Terrier mix. Maybe that’s part of the reason he is like he is.

      • Just popped up on our net: 63 Smartest Dog Breeds.

        There’s one looks a lot like Hawkeye called American Straffordshire Terrier. Says they’re bred to kill rats. It’s listed as #17 on their list.

        German Shepherds (Church?) came in at 3rd most intelligent. Says they’re bred to please, pick up on new commands quickly.

        Maybe they were following our conversation.

  3. Shame on you,Scott, for eating the hot dogs in front of him/. Next time eat in the bathroom….
    I’ve always thought the world would be a better place if it were run by dogs. High ethics.

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