Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration: Empty Platitudes and Obfuscation Ignites the Middle East

Trump’s Jerusalem declaration is an empty platitude designed to placate Bibi and the Likudnik right as well as infuriate Palestinians and the Muslim world in general. But what does it really mean and more importantly, what does it obfuscate?

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Guardian article…

151 UN states vote to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem…

UN resolution against Israeli settlements at center of Flynn guilty plea…

Trump Team Didn’t Just Collude with Israel, Kushner was Acting as Foreign Agent for Tel Aviv…

Trump’s Declaration Regarding Status of Jerusalem is Illegal Under International Law…

Some “Jews” Just Aren’t Ready to Give Up on Greater Kurdistan Project…

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7 Responses

  1. What a Hell hole those Palestinians over there have to live in, and only rocks against bullets to fight back with.

    And our Trump, what a typical US president! And to think I voted for him, hoping for a change—UGH!

    Never again.

    • Quit voting. It only encourages them.

      • Never again will I vote, period.

        • Howard Zinn would have agreed Roy

          “In our election-obsessed culture, everything else going on in the world — war, hunger, official brutality, sickness, the violence of everyday life for huge numbers of people — is swept out of the way, while the media insist we watch every twist and turn of what candidates say and do. Thus, the superficial crowds out the meaningful, and this is very useful for those who do not want citizens to look beneath the surface of the system. In the shadows, and hidden by the dueling of the candidates (if you can call it a duel when the opponents thrust and lunge with plastic swords) are real issues of race and class, war and peace, which the public is not supposed to think about, as the media experts pontificate endlessly about who is winning, and throw numbers in our faces like handfuls of sand….

          “The pretense in disputed elections is that the great conflict is between the two major parties. The reality is that there is a much bigger conflict that the two parties jointly wage against large numbers of Americans who are represented by neither party and against powerless millions around the world.”

          • Thanks for your post, USAMNE SIA.

            I’ve always liked reading Howard’s work when I could find it, but this is one I must have missed.

  2. All the worldwide expressions of disapproval or UN resolutions against the occupation are irrelevant to Israel — a state above international law. Israel’s leadership openly scoffs at them as manifestations of you know what: “anti-semitism.”
    The only frustration and disappointment for Israel in all this is the rather flaccid reaction of the Palestinians. What, just chanting and flag burning?
    A robust revolt is needed to justify the already planned slaughter. As it is Israel is forced to fall back on the old “rockets from Gaza” spiel. Maybe a Palestinian teenage girl would be found carrying a knife as she is waiting in line at a checkpoint but that is not good enough. Unable to count on the Palestinians, the Israelis would have to do the heavy lifting themselves yet again and organize some false flags. If you want a thing well done, you’ve got to do it yourself.

    In the meantime we have something big to be proud of and grateful to Trump: in their deep gratitude the Jews have made the US their new real estate agent and thus “g-d.” Yes, remember they always said that their “g-d” was in effect their real estate agent. Now the US is. Take that Yahweh!

  3. The Israeli airforce attacked Gaza.

    IDF ✔
    Replying to @IDFSpokesperson
    The IDF holds Hamas solely responsible for all hostile acts against Israel emanating from the Gaza Strip
    5:45 PM – Dec 8, 2017


    “A projectile was fired from the Gaza Strip in southern Israel,” the IDF said, but was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. The Gaza Strip is controlled by militants of the Hamas Palestinian”

    “Did that bottle we asked Ari to throw land somewhere in southern Israel, Dov?”
    “Yes, sir, it did.”
    “Ok then, we are good to go.”
    “But sir, we haven’t received the daily reports of deaths in the nursing homes.”
    “Doesn’t matter. We can include later. Let’s roll.”

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