Policed Body Cam Shows Murder of Daniel Shaver (Video) (cop cleared of all charges yesterday)

by Scott Creighton

On 18 January 2016, Mesa Police Department officer Philip Brailsford, age 26, shot and killed 26-year-old Daniel Shaver of Granbury, Texas. Shaver was allegedly in possession of an air rifle while he was staying at a La Quinta Inns & Suites hotel. Hotel guests near the pool notified the front desk that someone was pointing a rifle out a fifth floor window. The hotel immediately notified the police. Following an investigation, Brailsford was charged with second-degree murder. Controversy emerged surrounding the release of body camera footage of the event…

On December 7, 2017, after a 6-week trial, a jury acquitted Brailsford of all charges.[12][9]

In the 10 years I have been running this website I have covered a number of these events. Some fake and staged, others real and rather depressing. But none of them are quite this disturbing.

What is most disturbing about this video is just how frightened, ignorant and out of control the officer, Philip Brailsford, seems to be throughout the encounter. I have never been a fan of what cops do these days during their felony stops. It makes them all look like absolute cowards. “Put your hands up. Pull up your shirt. Walk backwards to me. I’m going hands on.”

When you got someone on the damn ground with their hands outstretched in front of them on the carpet, that’s it, it’s over, walk over there and cuff em. All this “crawl to me” shit is just a power trip for a little weasel of a man who has been conditioned by his superiors to treat anyone and everyone as if they are some kind of Jason Bourne super terrorist or some shit like that.

But that is clearly their starting position here in the states these days. It’s “us verses them” and “protect and serve” is done and over with having been replaced by their real motto “No matter what… I’M going home today”

That kid clearly had no weapons on him and was trying his best to do what that little toad of a cop wanted. He was scared shitless and forced to crawl on his hands and knees begging some some idiotic mongoloid not to shoot him before he died… for nothing.

And then the mongoloid gets off ScotFree… cus we have to worship cops over here in the Shining City on the Hill.

I wouldn’t watch this video if stuff like this bothers you. It should infuriate you. But if it bothers you, don’t watch it. It’s not graphic or bloody. It’s just demeaning to the kid that his last few minutes on earth were spent like this, supplicating himself to a total fucking cowardly moron who should never have been given a badge in the first place.

Yep. We are all Palestinians now, aren’t we?

25 Responses

  1. You can tell by listening to the murder’s breathing that he was hyper-ventilating, meaning he didn’t have the right psychological profile to be a cop… or maybe he did, if you’re hiring cold-blooded killers.

    Put your hands up or I’ll shoot or crawl towards me, which one? It was easy to tell the victim was drunk, but that’s not a lethal offense, is it?

    Phil don’t have no worries, he’ll get hired by some thug outfit–like the ones that shot up LV–and get paid well to murder people.

    • he’s scared. you can hear it in his voice. he can clearly see the kid is unarmed so I don’t know what he’s afraid of. like you said, he had no business being given a badge in the first place. And even after the jurors saw that video they still acquitted the guy, that’s what gets me.

  2. IDF trained…..nuff said.

  3. I wonder if he’ll nightmare every night of his life about what he did that night, that cop.

    I know I would. I might anyway, just seeing the video.

  4. Now don’t get pissed off with what I’m about to ask. Are we 100% sure that this was not some psyop?

    It’s just that when this video is getting played by the MSM [cbs], you have to ask, are we being played again?

    Like probably everyone else that watched this, I felt:

    1. Extreme fear.

    2. Outrage and the desire for vengeance.

    3. Sickened. hopeless and defeated [when they acquitted this guy]

    4. More fear: “that’s what can happen to any of us” and “better not get on the wrong side of the cops”

    5. Helplessness. “Don’t count on the Justice System to be fair or unbiased” And even our “peers” are assholes.

    I’ll be good… I’ll be good.

    No more watching American Everyman videos… 🙂

    Now, isn’t it convenient to have such a terrifying video to scare the shit out of folks. I think a lot of these other “cop on blacks” shootings were also suspect.

    Could be real…. but these days…maybe not.

    • It is strange, couldn’t the Judge have over ruled the jury? And why allow this video to be aired?
      Police (many of them) seem nice and trying to do their job..
      I think a lot of them realize that if the establishment tries to push police against the people… then the police would be in situations where they could be shooting their friends, kin people, kids, neighbors, and other off duty police.
      Maybe this is real and designed to encourage anger against police…. trying to break the natural alliance between police and regular people.

      • Yes. I totally agree with you about the police. Non-militarized police maybe the people’s best defense, if the great “Crack down” ever comes. I think those Soros types would love to have a people vs. cops scenario. Would be tough to pull off in small communities, like where I live..in Montana.

    • yes. I am sure this is not a psyop.

      • How are you sure?

        • I covered part of that in my video and a private message with someone on Twitter.

          “ah, the “nobody died” faction is back huh? screaming “no blood” once again. true some of these events are staged as I have pointed out in the past but these guys say that about all of them now, immediately. no blood huh? how about this http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.2583031.1459374132!/img/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/article_750/article-mesa-0331-2.JPG

          in that one you can see where some shots struck the wall behind him. whether they went through him first is up for debate.

          here is his body right after the shooting. you can line up the carpet patterns too see it’s taken from the opposite angle looking back toward where the cop was standing. http://photographyisnotacrime.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Daniel-Shaver-body.jpg

          plus, in the video you can see shell casings being ejected from the gun. no one with any common sense would shoot blanks at someone at that close range. not only would it cause deafness to person being shot at due to sudden pressure waves but also the wadding can actually penatrate the body of the person being shot at. Plus you can lose an eye. so, no, that’s not fake. now I haven’t gone back and evaluated the video to see if you can see the bullet strikes in the drywall in the video. that might be worth looking into, but it’s a real event as far as I can tell

          I mean, the bullet strikes in the wall should be pretty obvious… the cop walks right past that section of the wall to check the door. It should be obvious

          and here is a photo from his autopsy. the wound corresponds to the coroner’s description of his wounds. https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/attachments/f10/686192d1463447252-daniel-shaver-shot-police-13221103_1749088785314786_765627050833957182_n.jpg

          so I would say “no. not fake”. I don’t know where you are getting that line of reasoning from. even miss “sane” progressive herself has yet to screech “fake” on this one and I could only find one Youtube channel video calling it a hoax and that guy has 55 subs. so, no, not hoax.”

          that is the whole conversation. the person who asked me about this simply responded “agreed”

          • Your evidence is pretty persuasive, although I don’t see the bullet holes in the wall as the cops go past. This looks like a real one… sickening.

            I am very put off by your arrogant attitude towards people posing legitimate questions. Let’s see, labeling… the “nobody died” faction? Another shot at Sane Progressive [why don’t you leave the poor woman alone? – her intentions are good] All in all, you could maybe put some more effort into not being such an asshole.

            Just saying.

            • actually I don’t think her intentions are good at all anymore. Especially after I caught her manipulating videos to bolster her “nobody died” theory at the Mandalay Bay shooting and telling her audience to give up and not bother trying to stop the end of net neutrality. Nor do I appreciate her yelling at her audience and screaming at them in SEVERAL videos because they dared to suggest she might be wrong about her conclusions. So, I don’t really care about hurting her feelings anymore. Her fans are a different story but if you are one of hers, then you know exactly what videos I am talking about and you already know she pulled them down after posting them. That’s why I am an “asshole” toward her… she earned it.

              just sayin

            • the holes in the wall are larger in the photo because they have already dug the slugs out for forensic investigation. the holes from a round fired from an AR are rather small on entry. Just take for example the one in the back of Daniel’s neck. That’s why it’s hard too see them as the camera passes by quickly. plus the camera is not a very high resolution camera so the memory card will last longer.

              • Makes sense. Appreciate the response and am looking forward to your daily news review. I liked your first one.

  5. This cop,Brailsford, is a total whack job. WTF is wrong with juries these days?

    From the same wikipedia article you cite in your opening, we read: “Later that month, the Mesa police department, citing several policy violations that included the profane language “YOU’RE FUCKED” custom engraved into his rifle dust cover[5] and unsatisfactory performance, fired Brailsford.[6][7][8]”

    • have you seen a photo of him? he’s like 5′-3″ tall with a bunch of tats to make him feel like a badass. part of his “defense” was that he was “terrified” during the encounter. You could clearly see Daniel was unarmed and Brailsford was carrying an automatic weapon, a sidearm, wearing tactical bullet proof body armor and had about 5 buddies armed the same as him standing behind him… and he was “terrified”?

  6. I would have loved to hear how the defense argued this one.

    This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. How a jury could have acquitted the killer is beyond imagining. Were they not allowed to see the video?

    Based on the video, I’m afraid some may think it’s time to return to vigilante justice in this case. Why does Justice always seem to be blind when cops murder without justification?

    • Vigilante justice huh? That’s some… provocative language you’re using.

      • “I’m afraid SOME may think it’s time to return to vigilante justice in THIS CASE.” I think a careful reading of my words will reveal that I couched my language in enough qualifiers to be acceptable, Gator.

        Remember the words of JFK, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” Now that’s real, provocative language!

        No justice; no peace.

  7. AFter hearing the interview by Monique Portillo to the detective it definitely sounded real. My guess is that the jury had orders to not convict unless certain criteria were met and this guy got off like OJ – some technicality. It’s bullshit. But it’s encouraging that the police department ended up firing that brailsford cop. Turns out he had “you’re fucked” inscribed in his ar-15 that he shot the guy with. The wife is suing for 75 million – she’s probably going to get most of that.

  8. Unbelievable. I thought that the purpose of the body cameras was to hold cops accountable but that clearly is not the case. It doesn’t surprise me, however, that the jury let him off. People are brainwashed into believing that all cops are heroes who put themselves in great danger everyday and that they can do no wrong.

    One correction – it appears that the person barking out most of the orders is not Brailsford but another cop – Sgt. Charles Langley. I also don’t think Langley sounds scared, I think it’s the effect of adrenaline.

    See this article that mentions Langley: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/12/08/graphic-video-shows-daniel-shaver-sobbing-and-begging-officer-for-his-life-before-2016-shooting/?utm_term=.de8756077b1a

    It boggles the mind that they wouldn’t just handcuff him when he was down on the ground with his hands out in front of him.

    Also, while I agree that this is not a psy-op, it does have a similar effect – to make people feel unsafe and subservient to the police no matter what race you are.

  9. So SIX armed officers were so leery of DanielShaver that they ordered him to crawl toward them–as opposed to just cuffing him while he was flat on the floor–when only minutes earlier they were perfectly comfortable walking right up to his room door and telling him to come out?
    Am I understanding this correctly? We’re told #DanielShaver lived in Granbury, Texas, but he traveled some 800 miles to kill some nuisance birds with a pellet gun in Mesa, Arizona? Do they just not have competent exterminators in Arizona?
    In short, there was no reason whatsoever for officers to have required Shaver to crawl toward them in the first place. It’s a ridiculously convoluted scenario.

    And of course there’s not a speck of blood to be seen anywhere (and Shaver is conveniently wearing a black shirt
    We’re told there were SIX officers in that hallway. In real life, Shaver and the woman would have been cuffed immediately and hauled off. Officers would not have spent nearly 4 minutes having Shaver do the Hokey Pokey on the floor. The entire scenario is unbelievable.

  10. That was about the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. As Shaver was crawling forward his basketball shorts start coming down and he instinctively reaches to pull them back up. Brailsford takes this as an attempt to reach for something in his waistband.

    Brailsford was dismissed later for having “you’re fucked,” engraved on his gun.

  11. “Is there anyone else in the room?”
    Yes your mother, washing down my wad with a bottle of Seagram 7 , you bitch ass Fuck!
    Now, since so many “White” people realizing the utter brutality of these pigs, how did the script get Flipped on the Footballers who have been protesting against this, making them out to be protesting our Murder-for-Hire Troops?

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