Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (May 2017)

For the record, it’s not too late to contact the FCC on their website and leave your comment regarding net neutrality. And Oliver’s website still works (, still links you directly to the site. Just hit the “express” button and fill in the blanks. Leave em a nice little comment before they vote next week. I did.

Here’s John’s video from earlier this year.

3 Responses

  1. Here’s an opposite viewpoint, based on the fact that it is the big corporate suppressors of free speech (Google, etc.) who are pushing net neutrality:

  2. I’m against net neutrality. It’s a nonissue. There has been no real threat to anyone when isp’s are allowed to build out networks and manage them on their own. All there is hypothetical scenarios that would probably be resolved through competition if an isp decided on draconian policies. To me, it’s another government bureaucracy that will end up stifling technological progress. Why don’t we wait to until there is a real threat before we give the government the reigns?

    • right. the invisible hand will save us all. only, that theory doesn’t work in a top-down monopoly system like we got here. in a couple years if consolidation continues along the same path (path started by Clinton back in the day by the way) folks will have one.. maybe two… internet providers to chose from and since they will BOTH work to limit access and control the narrative, your theory is moot. You know, your suggestion we wait and see has been tried before. They said the same thing when they busted up Glass-Steagall and handed over all that power to a few huge banks. What we got was the subprime mortgage crisis and the worst recession since the Great Depression. And uh… how much have we been able to fix since then? Not much. In fact, they are looking like they are about to do it all over again, aren’t they? And those “dirty gubmint regulations” are still gone… so no…. we don’t (or shouldn’t) sit back and wait to see how much damage can be done to our free and open internet before we do something. Besides, uh, in case it hasn’t occurred to you, what exactly are you going to do if Big Business does exactly what folks like myself are worried about? Start a petition at your local Walmart? A newsletter sent via snail mail? Where are you going to get unbiased independent information about what is happening? CNN? A poster nailed to a telephone pole?

      there is already a “real threat” and THAT is why you don’t wait till it bites you on the ass. 😉

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