Live Cam and Videos from Ongoing Clashes in Bethlehem & Ramallah

Soldiers, tear gas, skunk water cannons (spraying feces on), protesters, burning tires and rocks. Here are some images from the ongoing clashes in Bethlehem due to President Trump’s incendiary statement from yesterday. I just watched an IDF soldier fire a live round  at a couple rock throwing protesters in spite of the fact that CNN is claiming the soldiers aren’t firing live rounds, just tear gas. So yeah, that just happened.

Live cam feed from RT

video compilation video

2 Responses

  1. when specifically did the Children of Israel in Genesis 49
    and Deuteronomy 32 & 33….turn into the Gog & Magog
    PROSELYTES {{{CONVERTS}}} called “JEWS”…?

    when did Jesus @ John 8:44 turn into a LIAR…?

    how do Mass Murderers who print FILTHY LUCRE
    and MASS MURDER [Non-Jews] acquire “Authority”…?

    contributing to global “JEW” worshipping insanity..?

    how do Bolshevik/Zionist so-called “Jews” from the
    land of Gog & Magog…turn into the Children of Israel
    in the Bible…?

    who determines value…?

    TRUTH AVOIDANCE is no the path to Peace.

    Truth + Justice = Peace

  2. Protests and “clashes” are not unexpected; in fact they are likely to be have been ‘banked’ on to provide Israel with the pretext to “defend its national security” by slaughtering more Palestinians.

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