Russia Banned from Olympics for Killing Our Terrorists in Syria – #BoycottOlympics

by Scott Creighton

After the completion of a study headed by a Swiss globalist “center right” politician Samuel Schmid, the IOC, headed by German Thomas Bach, has decided to ban Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics being held in South Korea in a few months. They say they are allowing their athletes to compete under a neutral flag if they clear the screening process.

This is just a continuation of the demonization of all things Russia due to that country’s participation in and negative impact on our regime change operations in Syria and Ukraine.

The West is trying to show they have a great deal of influence on world events and will use that influence to make people pay for what they believe are slights committed by foreign nations against their “national interests” operations. In this case, the victims are Russian athletes who have worked their entire lives to ready themselves for this event.

It’s a cruelness that is befitting globalists these days. Everyone and anyone can be a target when they, like spoiled children, throw a tantrum because they didn’t get what they wanted.

Funny thing is, no one seems to notice the rather obvious coincidence involving the timing of these accusations and Russia’s involvement in blocking our efforts in Syria. All of that is just lost in the collective hive mind of the American public these days. Russia started blocking UNSC resolutions regarding Syria and “humanitarian bombing” plans in late 2011 and the alleged doping scandal started not that long afterward, led by some British globalist shill of a “journalist” and then was taken up by a German film maker.

Globalist and Terrorist’s Best Friend, John “bomb Iran” McCain says this bullshit ban should mean the 2018 World Cup is moved from Russia where it is being held.

Of course he does. Russia probably killed a few of his drinking buddies in Syria. Good thing he has some more neo-Nazi drinking buddies in Ukraine.

Russia is considering boycotting the Olympics altogether and they should. It’s terrible for their athletes and of course the complicit fascist press over here in the Shining City on the Hill will run with that story screeching about how “cruel” it is that Russia is using the games to make a political statement.

The irony speaks for itself on that one.

But they should do it. In fact, they should announce that they are pulling out of the Olympic Games permanently. And then they should get together with nation states that DONT support the idea of using them as a political whipping post and start up NEW ONES. You know, new international competitions free from political influence in the spirit of unity using sport to bring nations together, not drive them apart when some rich folk don’t get what they want.

You know… kinda like… the Olympics or something. Well, the old Olympics… not the New World Order version we have today.

It’s too bad the scientists over at the IOC haven’t come up with a test for the disease of neoliberal globalization as of yet. Can you imagine how many athletes would be banned if their sponsor nations could be checked for that sickness?

It’s unfortunate that globalization has infected so many institutions that used to be special to the world. Do you remember when the scrappy American hockey team beat the defending champions from the former Soviet Union in Lake Placid New York in 1980? It was called the Miracle on Ice and it was a monumental moment in history.

It’s never happen again. Not while the masters of our universe see everything as a commodity and every commodity as an opportunity for retribution. That’s what happens when petty little men get their sticky, greedy fingers in everything.

So… they banned Russia from the Olympics because they dared kill some of John McCain & Hillary Clinton’s terrorists in Syria.


Let em.

I say Russia should boycott the Olympics and so should we. Who the fuck wants to watch a winter Olympics without Russians anyway? Congrats globalists. You just dropped your TV ratings to below a 3-share. Enjoy.

3 Responses

  1. Russia shouldn’t take part, because the fuck heads at the IOC and the doping agency WADA, will taint the Russian athletes urine, then proclaim to the world they’re dirty again and us that as an excuse to permanently ban Russia.

    RT–naturally–did an excellent doc on the corrupt WADA using files gleaned from that ‘Fancy Bear’ hack of their data base.
    American athletes are dirtier than the Russians, but get a medical exemption, something not many knew because WADA kept it hidden.
    Sounds like they had an inside job of the data base, but check itout.

  2. Bread and circuses. An uninspiring, politically weaponised global circle-jerk. I’m certified grumpy old man, but does anyone else still give time to this ritualistic crap?

  3. I completely agree with you.
    And I went on RT and in the comments section of their story on the ban suggested that RT run a petition saying that its signers will not watch ANY Olympics until Russia is returned to the Olympics (which includes the Paralympics which they are also banned from), will not buy Olympics merchandise, nor will buy any products or services of any of the advertisers and will encourage others to do so as well. I volunteered to be their first signer and did.
    If they do put up a petition, I anticipate they will have a billion signatures before the Olympics began:)

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