Coup Against Nasralla in Honduras

from TeleSUR

On June 28, 2009, when Honduras was just beginning its own path away from neoliberalism and became associated with the Latin American progressive current emerging in South America, President Manuel Zelaya suffered a coup d’état. The coup d’état was ordered from the United States and executed by the oligarchy, as happened in Paraguay and Brazil; it was carried out by the Congress and the Supreme Court of Justice.

The vultures linked to the power of capital, dictatorships that are imposed with new operational models, which use the Congress, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Electoral Tribunal and which are manipulated by the corporate media who are the basis for keeping the current system in force by deceiving the population.

Honduras, located in the Northern Triangle of Central America along with Guatemala and El Salvador, is one of the three most exploited countries in Latin America in recent decades. The business of multinationals has carried out ecocides that have destroyed entire towns. Communities are forced to emigrate irregularly to the United States because the situation in their country obliges them to. In Honduras, the assassination of Human Rights and Environmental activists are equal to those of Colombia. The numbers of femicides are overwhelming…

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