After Electoral Coup, U.S. to Unleash it’s Trained Death Squads in Honduras to Protect Big Business Interests ala Plan “C”

by Scott Creighton

Plan “A” was have our puppet actually win the election.

Plan “B” was to successfully steal the election without anyone knowing it if Plan “A” went bust.

And if those two plans bombed, which they have (because “the smartest guys in the room” are never the neoliberal sycophants who suck their way to the top), looks like they are about to unleash Plan “C” and if history is any indication… that doesn’t bode well for the people of Honduras.

The vote recount in Honduras has begun but the official agency in charge had decided to only recount ballots in about 1,000 voting districts while the opposition wants them to recount all 5,000+ of them. Clearly the agency that stole the election on behalf of Wall Street’s Big Business interests are not going to comply. Why recount the votes in the districts they cheated in?

This is a typical ploy these days. We did it here in the states when Jill Stein got her marching orders from John Podesta (and some money by the way) and went after a recount in just 3 states after the 2016 presidential election here in the U.S. In Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (the states Trump surprisingly won giving him the victory) Jill Stein and her supporters won a recount petition… but they only recounted in districts that Hillary lost, leaving those she won handily (and suspiciously) uncounted.

It’s a placebo. A stunt. A marketing and PR ploy which is obviously designed to provide the illusion of transparency and a facade of legitimacy. They simply count the districts they didn’t pad the votes in. One could argue that their refusal to count the others is tantamount to a confession of electoral fraud.

In an earlier article I pointed out that they had been caught PLANNING for “Plan B”… stealing the election… so that our neoliberal puppet president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, would remain in power and continue to serve our “national interests” to the detriment of pretty much every living creature in Honduras.

The Economist has obtained a recording that, if authentic, suggests the ruling party has plans to distort results in the upcoming elections. Hondurans will be voting in congressional and municipal elections as well as the presidential one.

Roughly two hours long, the recording appears to be of a training session for members of the National Party who will be manning voting tables at polling stations on election day. The Economist received the recording from a participant. At the outset of the session, the woman leading it asks participants to hand over their mobile phones, saying, “Estamos en confianza, somos todos nacionalistas” (“this stays between us; we’re all National Party members”). She identifies herself as an employee of the government.

She reminds the trainees that they have attended a previous training session and that they have been handpicked through a rigorous process. “Today is Plan B,” she then announces. “Plan B means we’re on the offensive.” It appears to be a scheme for fraudulently boosting the vote of the National Party at the expense of its rivals.” The Economist Nov. 25th, 2017

How about that? The Economist has a recording of a government employee TRAINING the National Party on how to rig the election “just in case” the people “vote the wrong way” and folks are still wondering aloud about whether or not the election was stolen.

Only in America.

The opposition, led by the rightful president-elect Salvador Nasralla, is turning up the heat. Massive demonstrations took place yesterday and now calls for a national work stoppage are appearing all over social media platforms.

This is bad, bad news.

The one thing you don’t do when when the masters of the universe steal an election so they can keep the gravy train rolling in your banana republic (no insult intended but Honduras is LITERALLY the ORIGINAL “banana republic”) is threaten a work stoppage. They want those damn profits to keep piling up like a crack-head wants that next hit at 3am and they will do ANYTHING to get. And I mean ANYTHING.

Over at RT a professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the City University of New York, Daniel Shaw, told them:

the US Embassy has been a hotbed of activity for the past few nights, where CIA officials and US intelligence officials have been exchanging plans with their top lieutenants.” RT

Like my previous quote from the Economist, this quote has a significant measure of importance to it. The first one pretty much proves election fraud was at least planned for in the event of an opposition victory… while this quote seems to suggest a Plan C is being prepared by the criminal government of Honduras with help, of course, from good old Uncle Sam.

And if the history of this country and our dirty little workers we sent down there in the past is an indication, the people of Honduras are in for a little trouble over the next month or so.

You see, they (the masters of the universe) see Honduras as a firewall to democracy and social equity in the region, which, according to them, is at a rather precarious juncture right now.

The Honduran government gets millions of dollars in U.S. aid each year, and its elite police units have received training from the U.S. military. Hernández, a member of the right-wing National Party, is seen as a reliable U.S. ally with friends in high places, including White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly. Trump Administration officials have spoken positively of Hernández’s stewardship of Honduras, which one official recently described as being “on the cusp of a lot of change and positive development.”

“Washington has invested significant money in Central America to help turn the security and economic situation around,” wrote Daniel Runde, a Republican foreign policy adviser and former official in the George W. Bush administration, who sees Hernandez as an improvement on “bad” — that is, left-leaning — interlocutors in Guatemala and El Salvador. He adds that “if Hernández loses the election, the United States will have no effective partners in the region, the effectiveness of our billions of dollars would be at risk, and more people might be tempted to come to the United States.The Washington Post

So you see, it’s not merely the profit margins coming out of Honduras that are at stake (which are significant by their own rights) but it’s also the POTENTIAL PROFITS from the entire region that are at stake here. If they lose their little island of fascist neoliberalism in the area, they could lose the grand prize in the end. And for that, I am sure they are willing to do just about anything to keep their eyes on that particular prize.

That said, one should seriously consider our recent history in Honduras. Our history since the coup in 2009 run by Hillary Clinton and President Peace Prize on behalf of Big Business.

Overall AFL-CIO reports that at least 31 trade unionists have been killed since 2009 in Honduras. US labor groups have petitioned under a labor oversight mechanism in the CAFTA-DR trade agreement (which officials originally touted as a way to improve labor standards through regulated free trade). Yet while US labor officials have acknowledged these grievances, the system has, predictably, failed to produce meaningful progress on working conditions. The treaty, along with the 2009 coup, has actually coincided with a massive destabilization of Honduran society through corporate exploitation, impoverishment and Drug War violence.” The Nation Nov. 30 2015

Honduras is what we made it. A “Libertarian Paradise” designed by, for and of Big Business interests. Ironically, the “small government” libertarians rely on Big Government repression to keep the gravy train on it’s tracks as they have always done.

In an article from the Guardian back in July of 2016, they seem to miss the point of all our training down there suggesting we should stop doing it until they stop killing dissidents and activists. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that the Honduran death squads are simply doing what we are telling them to do. It’s that whole “national interests” thing you know?

On 2 March 2016, armed men burst into the home of Berta Cáceres, a prominent environmental and indigenous activist in Honduras, and shot her to death. Earlier that day, the government had rescinded Ms Cáceres’s meager security detail, leaving her unprotected. Of the 33 threats against her, including death threats, none had been investigated. Members of the Honduran military have been implicated in her murder, and requests by the global community for an independent investigation have been ignored.

Until the Honduran government protects human rights and holds its security forces responsible for their crimes, we should not be working with its police and military. As long as the United States funds Honduran security forces without demanding justice for those threatened, tortured and killed, we have blood on our hands. It’s time to suspend all police and military aid to Honduras.” Guardian

Since 2009, the illegal junta and fraudulently “elected” governments of Honduras have a horrible track record in terms of human rights violations. That’s what it takes to forge the “Libertarian Paradise” out of a democratic nation, which it was before Killary and ObamaGod regime changed it.

To that end we are already seeing very troubling signs that Plan “C” is already being put in action. That’s right folks… the U.S.-trained Honduran Death Squads are crawling out of the shadows and out into the light in the wake of the failed election fraud.

Several observers on the ground told The Intercept that they have seen elite military police from the TIGRES and Cobras units alongside the Honduran National Police involved in clashes with protesters in the capital, Tegucigalpa, and around the country. The three forces are increasingly coordinated as the violence soars, they say…

On Friday evening, as police cleared demonstrators from the streets of the La Kennedy neighborhood of Tegucigalpa, officers adorned with visible TIGRES insignia were spotted by Spring. The TIGRES were accompanied by Cobras and Honduran National Police (PNH), according to another human rights observer from the U.S., who also asked not to be named out of fear for her safety.

On Saturday night, Borjas received multiple emergency calls from the Cabañas neighborhood of San Pedro Sula, a city in Northern Honduras. People were being forced out of their houses and into the streets when Honduran law enforcement, including the PNH, launched tear gas canisters into their homes. Police attacked because the neighbors had begun a “cacerolazo,” a common form of protest in Latin America, banging pots and pans when state repression makes anything else impossible. Upon forcing people out of their homes, the PNH arrested them, Borjas said. “This is happening as we speak,” she told The Intercept in a phone interview on Saturday night, adding that the TIGRES and Cobras maintain a strong presence on the streets especially around the building where the votes are being tallied. The Intercept

Banging pots and pans gets you arrested in the “Small Gubmint” paradise apparently. Arrested by U.S.-trained assets and guess what? You paid for their training.

The PNH and elite military police units are among the beneficiaries of generous security-related foreign aid earmarked for Honduras by the U.S. government. Figures compiled by the Security Assistance Monitor show that Honduras has received nearly $114 million in security support since 2009.

The PNH receives extensive training by various branches of the U.S. government. The exact substance of U.S. training for foreign security forces is notoriously difficult to ascertain, but some light has been shed by new data provided by the Departments of State, Defense, Justice and Homeland Security at the request of Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., and shared with The Intercept by John Lindsey Poland, a Latin America expert who participated in making the request. The Intercept

Is it any wonder that puppet Hernandez is a favorite of the Trump administration just as he was the previous one? It is a One Party country up here, is it not?

What’s about to happen in Honduras is going to be biblical in scale. Scorched earth doesn’t begin to cover it.

If you want a comparison maybe take a look at what Gen. Suharto did to the opposition in Indonesia after we installed him in 1968. The CIA worked with USAID to create lists of dissidents who opposed his “new order” and gave those lists to his military who then killed or otherwise disappeared them.

Ironically (or maybe not so much) Barack Obama’s mother worked for USAID (the CIA) at the time helping make those lists.

Or you can look at any number of other Latin American countries right after we installed a ruthless dictator. There’s a long history of them to choose from and since the reactionary president seems just fine with handing over control of the most powerful military the world has ever seen to bought-off generals serving our “national interests” there is absolutely no rational reason to suspect we wont see another bloodbath in this one.

Of course, the pattern is always the same isn’t it?

The fake left will ignore the cruelty while it’s going on and eventually, after it’s all over but the suffering, they will suddenly develop a spine and pronounce “THAT WAS WRONG” in a couple years or so.

Here’s an example: the fake progressive Young Turks have YET to mention what’s going on in Honduras on their Youtube channel. I guess their new owner who bought them off with a 20 million dollar “donation” might have some investments down there or something. You see how that works?

Needless too say, since no one is looking, seems like Plan”C” is already underway. Funny how those “progressives” and the Trumpsters work so well together on certain issues, isn’t it? Almost as if they all work for the same people.

7 Responses

  1. and here we are…. boasting about being a ‘Christian’ nation…..
    “Thou shalt not kill.’….. wonder where our churches and government hid that little part of God’s plan for us?

  2. Can’t they fly over some of their trained ISIS killers and give them a new mission that the MSM will cover in glowing terms?

    Maybe a ‘Honduras White Helmet’ brigade would be a nice touch and a Spanish Bellingcat for added effect.

  3. Sickening, just sickening.

  4. And so many American “Disneylanders” don’t have a clue that it was “peaceful” “humanitarian” Democrat Jimmy Carter who presided over and facilitated those quarter million cold-blooded murders under Suharto.

    • President Carter one term in office January 20, 1977 – January 20, 1981

      Suharto’s dictatorship March 12, 1967 – May 21, 1998

      So he was in power 10 years before Carter took office. I do believe Jimmy was in the peanut business while the first bloodbath took place.

      If you are talking about the slaughter in East Timor… yes, that is true.that started in ’75 and went through July of ’76

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