Why Does “Christian” Mike Pence Back the Honduran President that Cocaine Built? Is That What “Family Values” Means?

by Scott Creighton

VP and Honduran President Juan Orlando+Hernandez

If what is happening in Honduras had happened in Venezuela, we would already be dropping bombs from drones in a “humanitarian intervention” by now. As it stands, very few are even talking about it and even fewer care.

At the start of last week there was a presidential election in Honduras. Once it became clear that the opposition was winning in the count, the reactionary right-wing government halted the process, blamed it on “computer problems”. Then nearly two days later they resumed the count now with the incumbent U.S. puppet firmly in the lead.

Protests, demonstrations and charges of foul play ensued and demands for a recount were made. So now it appears the current president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, a conservative U.S. ally, has fled the country to good old U.S. of A as the military has suspended certain constitutional rights for it’s citizens so it can crack down on those who oppose the stolen election. They have also imposed a curfew in order to keep people from camping out at protest locations. Arrests have already begun.

Honduras announced a curfew and suspended some constitutional rights to allow security forces to contain protests and unrest over a disputed election in which both candidates have declared themselves winner and the ballot count is entering its sixth day…

In a decree read out on radio and television, the government’s Cabinet chief Jorge Hernandez said late Friday that some constitutional guarantees would be suspended for 10 days to allow the army and police to control the situation. The government declared a curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. across the country.

“The curfew is to safeguard the security of the country,” President Hernandez said as he left a hotel in the capital after meeting with observers from the Organization of American States and the European Union. Washington Post

They were supposed to announce the “victory” for our boy in Honduras last night but they waited until they could secure the country.

A couple years ago the complicit Supreme Court passed a law allowing for the current U.S. puppet to run for a second term in office and since they did that, they are damn sure not going to allow a little thing like “democracy” get in the way of their neoliberal Honduras 2020 plans. Ironic isn’t it? They supposedly ousted  Zelaya in 2009 with a bloody coup because he was seeking to run for office a second time and here we are a few years later and our neoliberal puppet is not only running for a second term… but he’s stealing the election.

The country’s highest court backed the 2009 ouster of President Manuel Zelaya. But the current court is packed with Hernandez’ supporters and it ruled in 2015 that the constitutional ban was inferior to a citizen’s right to seek re-election, a decision that infuriated opposition leaders.

“Here in Honduras there is no democracy; there is a dictatorship,” Zelaya told The Associated Press Washington Post

I guess, like Peter Thiel says, in Honduras freedom and democracy aren’t compatible.  That’s the “freedom” of Big Business to exploit the people. Of course, Henry Kissinger has been saying the same thing about Latin America for decades hasn’t he.

In June of this year, Vice President Mike Pence attended something called the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America in Miami, FL. Put on by globalist institutions like the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the point of the conference was making Latin America safe for Big Business/Big Banking profit margins once again.

“… the participants are dedicated the first day of the conference to advancing prosperity and economic growth in the region and the second day to achieving a stable and secure Central America.” Conference website

Pence met with Honduran Puppet Pro-Business President Hernandez during the conference and “commended President Hernandez for his leadership in addressing security and governance challenges, and offered the strong partnership of the United States to maintain this commitment

Interesting point here… Mike Pence is known as a “good Christian” who espouses “family values” and all of that while Hernandez is known for having been bought off a long time ago by drug cartels in Honduras and in fact, it is said, his political rise to power was financed by those same drug dealers who ship a great deal of cocaine into this country every year.

Family values, right?

Today, four years after Mr. Rivera’s clandestine cooperation began, federal prosecutors in Manhattan have with his help charged seven police officers from Honduras’s national force, along with the son of the country’s former president and several members of a prominent Honduran banking family.

The evidence, a prosecutor said at a hearing on Sept. 5, showed nothing short of “state-sponsored drug trafficking.”

Investigators have also gathered evidence that Honduras’s former president, Porfirio Lobo, took bribes to protect traffickers, and that drug money may have helped finance the rise of the country’s current president, Juan Orlando Hernández” New York Times

Truth be told, ever since the Obama administration let Hillary Clinton (and her then brand new private email server system) unleash a coup on the elected president of Honduras in early 2009, the country has been a lawless, libertarian shit-hole of a place to live with national police, politicians and their sons sent off to prison for drug running, murder and conspiracy rackets to make our mob blush with envy.

“And in September, the son of a former president from Hernandez’s party, Porfirio Lobo was sentenced in New York to 24 years in prison after revealing his role in a cocaine trafficking conspiracy. Fabio Lobo, 46, pleaded guilty in May 2016, admitting he worked with drug traffickers and Honduran police to ship cocaine into the United States.” Washington Post

“Details of Devis Rivera’s cooperation, which included surreptitiously recording Honduran targets, emerged in March when he testified over two days against Fabio Lobo, the former Honduran president’s son. Mr. Lobo was recently sentenced to 24 years in prison for cocaine conspiracy.” New York Times

Porfirio Lobo Sosa (or Pepe Lobo) was installed as the president in Honduras after our military coup and junta in 2009. He was the father of the drug runner who is now doing 24 years for sending coke to America. Like son like father:

Human Rights Watch argued that “at least eight journalists and ten members of the National Popular Resistance Front (FNRP)—a political group that opposed the 2009 removal from office of the then president and advocated the reinstatement of the ousted president, Manuel Zelaya — have been killed since Lobo assumed power on January 27, 2010″.[5] Human Rights Watch has also reported attacks on the independence of the judiciary and public prosecutors. The Obama administration, however, praised Lobo for his attempts at reconciliation, which include forming a truth commission to investigate events surrounding the removal from office as well as appointing a human rights adviser and political opponents to his government.[6]

So I guess the question is: why are all these corrupt, criminal, democracy hating scumbags the obvious favorites of U.S. presidents like Barack Obama and Donald Trump?

That’s a good question isn’t it?

Here’s the answer:

“Honduras has a presidential election this month. The pro-U.S. president, Juan Orlando Hernández, is seeking reelection and ahead in the polls. A Hernández win would be not only good for Honduras but also for the region and the United States. Washington has invested significant money in Central America to help turn the security and economic situation around. Moreover, with bad interlocutors in Guatemala and El Salvador, losing Hernández would be a real setback.

When the arrival of 70,000 unaccompanied minors from the region in 2014 put the Northern Triangle back on the map, President Hernández was the leader who called for a “Plan Colombia” for Central America. In response, the three presidents of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras came together and put forward their own plan, called the Alliance for Prosperity. The Inter-American Development Bank, a large funder and significant influencer in the region, supported this process.

The unaccompanied minors crisis got a Republican Congress and the Obama administration to put up more than $1 billion and make a five-year commitment of additional U.S. foreign assistance and diplomatic attention as part of the Alliance for Prosperity to the region. President Donald Trump has continued this support, putting forward in his budget to Congress for fiscal year 2017 over $600 million in support of the region. But this commitment requires leaders who are willing and able to make changes in their countries, because our money can only go so far.” Foreign Policy magazine Nov. 2017

Ah. There we have it again. They needed a “pro-business/pro-growth” puppet in Honduras to push their neoliberal austerity/privatization policies in order to help Big Business and Big Banking continue to suck the life-blood out of the country. The LAST thing they wanted was a representative of the people who are sick of living in the “Libertarian Paradise” of Honduras to have their voices heard and COUNTED and a new president to take charge.

At this point we don’t know HOW this is going to pan out… but at least now we know WHY.

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