Honduras Suspends Constitution as President ‘Flees’ Violence

(As they steal the election, the neoliberal government in Honduras have decided to suspend certain constitutional rights of the people of the nation.)

from TeleSur

The Honduran government has voted to suspend constitutional guarantees across the country as of 11pm local time, hours after President Hernandez reportedly fled the country to avoid violent street protests in the wake of the disputed presidential election, Diario La Prensa has reported. The government has also implemented a curfew meant to deter people from publicly demonstrating.

The move was announced on television and radio networks across Venezuela by Ebal Diaz, secretary of the Council of Ministers, as a bid to control violence which has erupted across the country since the ballot.

“The officials will announce the scope of the constitutional guarantees that have been adopted by the council of ministers led by the government coordinator, Jorge Ramon Hernandez Alcerro,” Diaz said during the broadcast.

Honduras’ Opposition Alliance candidate Salvador Nasralla earlier claimed Hernandez had fled to the United States ahead of a plan to announce a state of emergency to quell increasingly violent protests against ongoing delays in publishing the results of last Sunday’s election.

The embattled president has gone “allegedly to the United States: what could he be doing there? We don’t know yet,” Nasralla said in a three-minute Facebook video posted late Friday, citing information received from his personal “intelligence service.”

“Here in Honduras, we are in a situation of fraud against me,” the opposition leader continued. “I won the elections with 70 percent of the vote, with 116,000 more votes than Hernandez.

“Mathematically, it is impossible that this would change even with the 30 percent of the ballots left to count.”

Nasralla also warned that President Hernandez allegedly plans to implement a state of emergency later tonight in order to allow the electoral authorities to announce his victory without public reprisal from opposition protesters, three of whom have been killed so far in violent clashes with police.

“Let’s wait and see if this is confirmed, and hope that this won’t happen,” Nasralla concluded.

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