Honduras: After a 2009 U.S.-backed Coup and Now a Stolen Election, the “Undiscovered Country” is Burning

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Longtime reader Nancy sent me a link to a SOA Watch website where they are trying to pressure congress into suspending aid to the dictatorship following the fraudulent elections.

Please consider sending a letter to your congress critter. I did.

I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible. This is why libertarians should find an escape from politics. Because there are no truly free places left in our world, I suspect that the mode of escape must involve some sort of new and hitherto untried process that leads us to some undiscovered country.” Libertarian Peter Thiel essay in 2009

Supporters of presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla clash with police as they wait for official presidential election results in Tegucigalpa.

Supporters of presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla clash with police as they wait for official presidential election results in Tegucigalpa. Guardian

A few years after the brutal and bloody 2009 U.S-backed coup which installed a ruthless military junta who imposed a new neoliberal technocrat-written constitution which allowed for “privatized cities“, Honduras was being billed as a “Libertarian Paradise”.  Not long after, it was a “humanitarian nightmare”.

“Now, for the first time, libertarians have a real chance to implement their ideas. In addition to a big special development region, the Honduran government intends to approve two smaller zones. And two libertarian-leaning start-ups have already signed a preliminary memorandum of understanding with the Honduran government to develop them.” Economist Dec. 2011

“In America, libertarian ideas are attractive to mostly young, white men with high ideals and no life experience that live off of the previous generation’s investments and sacrifice. I know this because as a young, white idiot, I subscribed to this system of discredited ideas: Selfishness is good, government is bad. Take what you want, when you want and however you can. Poor people deserve what they get, and the smartest, hardworking people always win. So get yours before someone else does. I read the books by Charles Murray and have an autographed copy of Ron Paul’s “The Revolution.” The thread that links all the disparate books and ideas is that they fail in practice. Eliminate all taxes, privatize everything, load a country up with guns and oppose all public expenditures, you end up with Honduras.” AlterNet 2015

What happened to Honduras was the direct result of the “left cover” that emanated from the 2008 presidential elections here in the States. President Peace Prize and his vicious attack dog, Killary Clinton, wasted no time getting their first neoliberal sacrifice to the masters of the universe on the alter after they took power in January of 2009. Hillary had just installed her private server from which she ran all of her official communications while working as Secretary of State. Freed from the possibility of any accountability, Hillary set forth to neoliberalize her first nation of victims while the “progressives” of this country were still swooning over ObamaGod.  As I wrote back then on June 28th:

“I have never been so ashamed to have at one time considered myself in league with some of these so-called “progressive” websites or the people that frequent them. Out of the 6 main “liberal and progressive” websites (Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Michael Moore, Think Progress, Op Ed News, After Downing Street), I was able to find 2 stories… just 2… on the military coup in Honduras. 2.  At the same time, at last count, I found 20 articles on the phony “Green Revolution” in Iran”

Hillary’s second project, surely projected to be of a longer-term nature, Iran’s destabilization, was also well underway. Good thing she never had to account for all those “missing” emails.

The closer you get to totally untamed, uncontrolled privatization, the nearer you approach “Lord of the Flies.” AlterNet 2015

Ironically (or maybe not so much) today, as Honduras burns in the wake of the stolen presidential election, the fake progressive websites are busy focusing on “Russian hacking” or Gen. Flynn or some other useless distraction… just like they were back in June of 2009. It’s almost as if the new boss is the same as the old one.

Image result for donald trump hillary clinton 2009

Perhaps the fake “progressive” websites don’t want to remind their readers of Honduras for fear of it stoking inconvenient memories. Perhaps they just don’t want to bring it up because their financial backers from the establishment class told them not to. Better to focus on some old guy who’s ready for retirement anyway being fingered for trying to finger an intern or something.

I mean, after all, what is the Trumpening if not the turning of the United States into the next Lord of the Flies?

And yes, the election in Honduras was stolen.

“Opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla has said he would not recognize the official results, citing in part the computer problem and what he alleged was manipulation of the count by the electoral court. Nasralla led in initial returns announced early Monday by about five percentage points, at which point public updates of the count essentially stopped for over a day. That lead has now been erased, and the electoral court said Wednesday night that incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernandez holds a razor-thin advantage.” Washington Post

The opposition candidate was leading in the count so they stopped the count for a day or so due to “computer problems” and when they got the “problem” fixed… turns out the incumbent dictator (Juan Orlando Hernández) had taken the lead. Did I mention the incumbent dictator is in charge of the agency doing the counting? That’s kind of important.

Also important is the fact that there seems to be a recording of a panel teaching folks how to cheat the vote count on behalf of the fascist, neoliberal regime that’s in power over there. They called it “Plan B” but they might as well have stolen the line from libertarian Peter Thiel and called it the “undiscovered country” plan:

The Economist has obtained a recording that, if authentic, suggests the ruling party has plans to distort results in the upcoming elections. Hondurans will be voting in congressional and municipal elections as well as the presidential one.

Roughly two hours long, the recording appears to be of a training session for members of the National Party who will be manning voting tables at polling stations on election day. The Economist received the recording from a participant. At the outset of the session, the woman leading it asks participants to hand over their mobile phones, saying, “Estamos en confianza, somos todos nacionalistas” (“this stays between us; we’re all National Party members”). She identifies herself as an employee of the government.

She reminds the trainees that they have attended a previous training session and that they have been handpicked through a rigorous process. “Today is Plan B,” she then announces. “Plan B means we’re on the offensive.” It appears to be a scheme for fraudulently boosting the vote of the National Party at the expense of its rivals.” The Economist Nov. 25th, 2017

When the neoliberals get their hooks into a country, it’s hard to break free especially when no one in the “progressive” world on the outside is paying attention. All sorts of horrible things can take place in the dark.

Three protesters have already been killed by the government in Honduras. Curious isn’t it? In the “Libertarian Paradise” where they hate “Big Gubmint”, they need it to be as brutal as possible to ensure childish ideas like “democracy” don’t screw the pooch for em.

You might think that’s ironic if you were so inclined. Or you might just think that EVERY neoliberal dictatorship has REQUIRED a brutal police state to hold onto to power ever since we started installing them in nations since Iran 1953.

But if you would rather go with “irony”… be my guest.

The election commission is stalling for time. The opposition has rejected the results as they stand at this point and they are promising nationwide strikes if a recount isn’t called for immediately. They also are condemning the Westernized states for ignoring what is going on specifically the United States.

All signs point to more violence being unleashed by the dictatorial government so they can declare a state of emergency and invalidate the elections and take power once again like they did during the early days of President Peace Prize’s rule.

“Nasralla said nationwide protests would continue until a recount of the paper voting tallies from each polling booth was conducted in the presence of party representatives and international observers.

Jesuit human rights leader Ismael Moreno, known as father Melo, said Honduras was at risk of another coup by the National party.” Guardian

As it did in Chile, Honduras’ version of Galt’s Gulch is burning. Turns out unregulated savage capitalism tends to fail and fail exceptionally. State-backed violence is the ONLY way to keep it afloat.

Folks could have learned that lesson from a little video game called Bioshock had they wanted to. Everything always starts off with ooos and aaahhhs and praises for glorious free markets and the captains of industry… and then the screaming and the shooting and the bleeding commences.

What’s about to happen in Honduras is promises to be brutal. The only question left is will the left turn their collective backs on the whole thing while it all unfolds.

In yet another ironic twist, libertarian Peter Thiel’s reference to the “undiscovered country” is almost PERFECT if you know the history of the line. No… not Star Trek. Shakespeare. And…it…is… damn…relevant… when you think about it.

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
Th’ oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely,
The pangs of despised love, the law’s delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns
That patient merit of th’ unworthy takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With a bare bodkin? Who would fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscovered country from whose bourn
No traveler returns, puzzles the will
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all…

How much are you willing to put up with before you risk that one-way trip to the undiscovered country? Isn’t it ironic that Thiel wrote the wet dream of the libertarian/neoliberal paradise… the process of searching for the path, the “hitherto untried process” will lead to their Nirvana in an undiscovered country… death?

I guess he doesn’t understand the Bard. Or maybe he does.

Either way, Honduras is quickly turning into a Shakespearean tragedy. Lets hope the fake progressive in America’s fortified green-zones called “gated communities” get their heads out of their asses and their asses out of their wine tasting parties and they start paying attention to the burning of the Libertarian Paradise in Honduras… because, quite frankly… we’re about to see the same thing here.

The fight for Free Speech is on.

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6 Responses

  1. Great article, important topic, thank you for putting this up.

    PS, Canada had a big role in that 2009 coup, and the denial and wilful ignorance of our so called liberals on this is every bit as disgusting as that of the US ‘progressives’.

  2. a person can’t get to your comment section on your new donation drive posting. Word Press has placed an ad over it.

  3. Thank you for getting this story out for wider dissemination. Yes, for anyone who’s followed US foreign policy for the last 70 years, what is happening in Honduras comes as no surprise. Needless to say, virtually ALL the so-called progressive site are completely silent about this, and while they lament the the next phase in the gigantic wealth transfer upwards ( tax reform), they evidently find it more important to focus on the various sex scandals involving powerful figures in Congress and the media.
    The brainwashing of most of the American public has been so thorough and successful, that words fail.

    • yep. and they are all pushing the slavery in Libya story, most of them having backed Killary’s “humanitarian intervention” back in 2011. of course, they claim NOW that this is the result of Hillary’s intervention AS IF they are somehow progressive for calling her out for it… 6 years too late. What they don’t mention is the fact that the whole “slavery” thing is like an ISIS beheading video… being fabricated for the purpose of justifying an attack on the part of Libya that rejects our neoliberal puppets and still supports the Green Revolution.

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