Neoliberal News of the Day: Middle East on Fire Edition

Three stories: Iran, Israel and Yemen. One as cover for the other two. But it’s business as usual in the Middle East in spite of Trump’s non-interventionist promises. Looks like his “change” is going to be a lot like Barack’s.

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Iran Color Revolution Redux: Remembering the Neda Hearts and Minds Psyop from 2009

by Scott Creighton

Do you remember the attempted color revolution Hillary and Barack tried back in 2009? Pretty silly right? Well apparently Mr. Non-interventionist Trump has decided to give it go for his new best buddy Bibi.

All those “anti-establishment” libertarians who backed Trump in last year’s election are jumping on board the regime change train now with their sights set on Iran.

There has been a couple of phony looking “protest marches” over there with a couple young republican-looking Iranians marching up and down various squares trying their best to look like a large crowd while Trump’s apologists keep Tweeting about how the MSM isn’t covering this fake “uprising” enough. I guess they figured they gave more coverage to Killary’s regime change ops than they are giving The Donald’s so they’re pissed off.

I don’t need to get too far into the ridiculous color revolution psyops taking place at this time. They are pretty small and pathetic and they are obviously done on Israel’s behalf.

But I thought I would remind you of the Neda psyop and how stupid that staged little scene was in case we see a repeat of the same thing done this time around. Because “knowing is half the battle” right? And if we don’t learn from the past… we are doomed to repeat it.

So enough with the cliches. Let’s look back on Hillary’s first regime change operation… Iran’s Green Revolution of 2009

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Corruption in Vegas Shooting Investigation and Vegas Strong Fund (AE video)

There is something so rotten at the core of these American Gladio events it enables vultures the freedom to blatantly exploit the victims even more in their aftermath. We have seen it happen over and over again and the pattern continues to this day with both the Vegas Victims Fund and the Vegas Strong Fund.

When the corrupt FBI is doing everything they can to sweep the truth about the event under the rug, the rats figure they can get away with just about anything. And the truth is… they can.

Vegas Casino Industry Can’t “Accommodate” Helping Mandalay Bay Shooting Victims with “Vegas Strong” Funds

by Scott Creighton

I guess Vegas isn’t as strong as we have been led to believe.

On Oct. 25th of 2017 I wrote about the Las Vegas Victims fund and it’s paymaster, Kenneth Feinberg.  I wrote about how corrupt these things always turn out when Feinberg is in charge of the slush fund.

As it turns out, the Las Vegas Victims fund has collected about 22 million bucks from all sorts of well meaning people trying to help the victims and so far they’ve paid out a total of ZERO DOLLARS to them. They are “expected” to START making payments sometime in March… maybe.

But there is another victims fund in Vegas. That one, the Vegas Strong fund, was put together mainly by the crooked casino industry themselves and they have amassed about 12 million dollars in total to help these same victims.

And they started cutting checks last week. They cut a total of 12 of them totaling $14,800 to victims in need of all sorts of basic assistance. But then, they stopped.

“A member of the Vegas Strong Fund emailed the women Friday morning.

“The Vegas Strong Fund is analyzing a number of requests for continued support and evaluating how to have the most positive impact for all victims,” the email said. “The board of the Vegas Strong Fund is not, however, comfortable with continuing to issue checks to survivors because we are not in a position to either vet these claims or accommodate all the financial requests you and your team are submitting.”

Caesars Entertainment Corp. executive Jan Jones Blackhurst, the chairwoman of the fund, could not be reached for comment Friday.” LV Review Journal Dec. 29 2017

If you are wondering, the amount of financial requests that had been submitted to them that they couldn’t accommodate were from an additional 17 individuals totaling $40,222

That’s right. They couldn’t find a way to shake loose 40 grand of the 12 million they have collected thus far to help the victims of their damn mass casualty event.

I wonder how much they spent on paying Ellen Degenerate to do that stupid little cross promotion on her show? The Green Room rider on her contract probably cost more than 40 grand.

Just sayin.

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Trump and the Sunsetting of the Age of Multilateralism

by Scott Creighton

image from The Hindu Dec. 2017

What is happening to the “immutable bylaws of business” as described by Ned Beaty in that famous scene from Network? Are they under attack from within, collapsing under the weight of the logical fallacy of “lets run government like a business” or… is it something else that is troubling the grand plan of the New World Order?

Because, let’s face it… corporatism is the New World Order all of these neoliberals have been working toward for the better part of 60 years. And right now one pillar of the new Corporatist World Order is a little less stable than it was just a few years ago. Why is that? Is it due to a growing backlash from the world population left out of the spoils of neoliberal globalization or is it the beginning of something else? Something perhaps even worse?

And how does President Trump fit into it? Is he a catalyst or the accidental tourist president? Is he leading the global movement against those who see the world as nothing more than a “college of corporations” or it’s reluctant byproduct simply biding his time until he can undermine the growing momentum for “CHANGE” from within like his predecessor did for 8 long years?

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The Puppy Chronicles

UPDATE: Took me two hours to get her to trust me enough to touch her. Fed her, gave her water. She sat in my lap. Gave up waiting for the county crew to come by (they still haven’t called back) so I made a deal with the Tampa Humane Society and they agreed to take her in and find her a good home. So I took her by there and said my goodbyes and she was doing fine with them and she is probably resting comfortably for the first time in a while tonight and she will be adopted pretty quickly everyone there said. She’s cute and bright and outgoing and she will do just fine.

The whole thing took about 10 hours and I am beat. She’s going to be fine and I will be back to finishing my article on multilateral institutions tomorrow morning.

Hi folks. Sorry about no posts thus far this morning.  A Stray puppy (about 20 pounds) is running around my yard and I am trying to keep it contained until SPCA folks get here. Been about 2 hours thus far. Will post a photo of her later. She was scared at first but now tries to play with me and lets me pet her. Can’t get a leash on her yet.

Anyway, will be back at it soon.