The CNN “Slave Auction” Video is Complete BS (AE video)

It’s a “hearts and minds” operation designed to help President Trump justify further military action in Libya on behalf of the government Hillary Clinton installed.

links available after break

The CNN “Libya Slave Auction” Story is TOTAL BULLSHIT (and I shouldn’t have posted the AlterNet story yesterday… my bad)

CNN “slave auction” video on Youtube

One Response

  1. They don’t call it alterNet for nothin’ . It is a trawling operation to “net” in all the “alternative” folks into a specific mindset. Here is how you think about this issue, here is how you think about that issue. Herd the cattle, herd the cattle. Even with all that going on, the comments still (or used to) contain a fair amount of the herd calling BS.

    As for Libya. That is a perfect example of what most “alternative” folks should have thought was the one of the great examples of people power. Everybody had a piece of the pie in the wealth of the country and Libya was able to support itself without becoming enslaved to the IMF. But no, they were indoctrinated to hate places like Libya because of all the false reporting and demonizing of Gadaffi. So they supported the intervention- to use a mild term for bombing the crap out of them and then sending in the heavily armed psychos.

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