The CNN “Libya Slave Auction” Story is TOTAL BULLSHIT (and I shouldn’t have posted the AlterNet story yesterday… my bad)

by Scott Creighton

Mia Culpa: Yesterday I posted a story from AlterNet about the Libyan slave auctions taking place in the country Hillary and Obama decimated for fun and profit. I should have done a little more research. I should have remembered how eager AlterNet was to support the first lies of the Obama regime that justified and created an accepting climate on the fake progressive left side for an illegal and immoral invasion of Libya in the first place. I should have done the research. I was lazy.

But today I have done the research and I can tell you right now… the story is complete bullshit.

First of all, it’s from CNN, a company that CONSTANTLY PRODUCES FAKE NEWS AND OTHER LIES ON BEHALF OF PROMOTING GLOBALIST AGGRESSION AGAINST OTHER NATIONS. CNN was constantly producing fake news stories about Libya back in 2011 when Killary decided to sacrifice that nation and it’s people on the holy alter of neoliberal globalization. They did the same thing on Syria for years.

Today they have offered up a manufactured “slave trade” story from Libya. The purpose is to get the American, British and French public behind more bombing and attacks against a certain segment of the Libyan population… the segment that is rightfully elected and stands opposed to the new puppet regime we have installed in the country.

And that is a fact. And to understand what is really going on here, first we have to take a look at the frazzled country called Libya that was once called the Paris of Africa.

It is difficult to unscramble the shredded puzzle of political control in Libya today. There are factions within factions vying for control of areas great and small. We have imported all sorts of mercenary terrorist destabilization teams into the country from good old fashioned al Qaeda to the newest craze in the Special Operations irregular warfare business, “ISIS™”

All of this ads up to a virtual Dante’s Inferno of chaos in Libya.

On one side is the  General National Congress  or the Tripoli faction. Elected in 2012, they are made up of various members of various political parties in the country.

In 2014 after the violence-ridden “elections” for the Council of Deputies, the GNC took over Tripoli and the CoD fled to Tobruk.

The main opposition to the GNC is the Tobruk government which is comprised of the recently elected Council of Deputies (or House of Representatives) which was intended to take over for the interim GNC when they were elected in 2014 but some in the GNC decided they didn’t like the make-up of the people elected to rule, so they decided to continue to hold power for awhile and the civil war continued.

The Tripoli-based Libyan Supreme Constitutional Court ruled on 6 November 2014 that the June elections were unconstitutional and that the House of Representatives should be dissolved while it was surrounded by armed militias. The House of Representatives rejected the ruling, saying it was made “at gunpoint”.[12]

In early 2015 they held the Geneva-Ghadames talks which were intended to bring the two warring factions to the table to discuss a power-sharing resolution to the conflict… but the GNC didn’t show up.

This year, two major players in the conflict have emerged:

  • “a Libyan militia released Saif al Islam al Qaddafi, the heir apparent of deceased Libyan dictator Muammar al Qaddafi”
  • “Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) militia coalition based in eastern Libya”

Field Marshal Haftar was named the commander of the The Libyan National Army by the House of Representatives, the Tobruk faction of the war. They were formed by the coalition government after the real Libyan military was broken up after Hillary and Barack illegally destroyed the country during their “humanitarian intervention”. The LNA fights against the Libyan Dawn for the most part, a group of former Gaddafi loyalists and military leaders.

Oh and by the way… Hafter is a CIA stooge and purportedly just the kind of pro-Western strongman the US wants to rule Libya:

Haftar is a dual Libyan-US citizen who was once loyal to Muammar Gaddafi but then rebelled against the dictator. He was provided protection by the CIA around 1990 and was granted US citizenship. He lived in Virginia for two decades, where he reportedly trained in anticipation of a coup against Gaddafi. He later returned to Libya, where he has an unbreakable hold on the eastern bloc of the country, including a string of towns known as the oil crescent. Guardian

Saif al Islam’s release coincides with the ascendance of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) militia coalition based in eastern Libya. Haftar is backed by Egypt and the UAE, favored by Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Russia, and possibly championed by some in the U.S. administration. Haftar’s star as a stabilizing strongman, à la Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al Sisi, appears to be rising. His forces secured a major strategic victory in early June when, thanks to Egyptian and Emirati air support, they drove rival forces from several towns and bases in central Libya. CT June 2017

Hafter now refuses to meet with leaders from the west of the country. His is an “all or nothing” position where he has claimed recently they wont “give up an inch” of the country to the GNC/Libyan Dawn faction.

Now I am sure I am not doing this conflict justice with this condensed version of the history of what is laughingly called the “Second Civil War” (the “first” being the US-backed/created color revolution using mercenary terrorists from all over the world which had NOTHING to do with a “civil war”… like the “civil war” in Syria)

I’m sure there are many others out there who have a much better grasp of the plethera of factions and players involved in the ongoing conflict.

Suffice too say, the Tripoli continent or the GNC/Libyan Dawn faction SORT OF represents the Libya of old, the Gaddafi Libya … while the Tobruk faction or the House of Representatives/Council of Deputies side (with Field Marshal Hafter leading their military wing) represents the Hillary Clinton/Humanitarian bombing side of the equation.

Now… I tell you ALLLL of that… and I know it’s a lot… so I can show you this. Here is a map of the current conflict:

And here is a map from CNN where they claim these “slave auctions” are taking place:

You notice anything? All of the so-called “slave auctions” are taking place in a highly contested area of Libya where the Tobruk faction is trying to wrestle a segment of the country from the Tripoli faction, the GNC.

CNN reports:

CNN was told of slave markets at nine locations across Libya, but many more auctions are believed to take place each month. CNN believes some of the auction sites are in territory controlled by the GNA, but others are not; the GNA does not control the entire country.

Needless too say, it would not be an easy sell for President Trump to announce he was authorizing military force in Libya (the same way Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did) at this time in support of a military leader who is wanted for committing war-crimes like Field Marshal Hafter is unless something came along that helped sway public opinion, right?

So now we get into the CNN video itself. And it is… ridiculous.

This is probably the most absurdly produced “hearts and minds” propaganda I have seen in a very long time. It rivals that video someone did from inside a fenced-off area looking out where they claimed they were looking at Serbians in a death camp back during the days of the Yugoslavia regime change operation.

This is video from CNN is childishly amateur at best. It clearly features members of Field Marshal Hafter’s Libyan National Army (LNA) militia coalition pretending to be slaves, slave traders and slave buyers.

The first part of the video shows nothing but about 6 soldiers – 5 pretending to be “slaves” up for auction and 1 pretending to be an auctioneer. They didn’t even bother to stage the scene with “buyers” in that one.

The rest of the video LITERALLY features a BREATHLESS CNN “journalist” pretending to drive around in Libya (the GNC controlled areas) so she and her crew could “secretly” record a slave auction in the back yard of some nondescript house somewhere in the middle of the night. There were a total of 12 “slaves” sold off that night, filmed from a distance with a large bright spotlight behind the “auction block” focused on the CNN crew AND NOT THE “SLAVES” FOR SOME IDIOTIC REASON… and according to the CNN “journalist” they eventually saw them standing back there and simply LET THEM GO WITH THEIR RECORDING OF THE “SLAVE AUCTION” FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON.

It is BEYOND STUPID this new piece of pro-regime change propaganda CNN has put out. WAY beyond stupid.

And the journalist’s breathless acting is cringe-worthy.

There are all sorts of problems in Libya these days. The prisons were emptied of the criminals the Gaddafi era locked up but then they were PRIVATIZED and filled to the brim with the kinds of folks who didn’t approve of our “humanitarian bombing” campaign nor the full on neoliberalization that has been taking place since.

And yes, the migrant problem is huge in the country and yes, many globalist “entrepreneur” types have been rushing in and SELLING THEM after storing them in cages. But those folks are represented by the Tobruk faction and protected by the Field Marshal Hafter’s Libyan National Army.

In fact, CNN ended it’s little propaganda piece by interviewing one of those opportunists running an operation like the one I just described.

Clearly this entire “slave auction” story was fabricated by CIA-trained Hafter and his LNA and then aided by CNN to one end: help get international support for his final solution to the Tripoli problem in the country.

One article I read said that they thought Hafter would be a great solution to the problem, kinda like al Sisi in Egypt… a good “strongman” to unify and then hold Libya. They could have compared him to the Shah, Pinochet, Mubarak or Papa Doc if they liked. It would have been the same.

We always like “strongmen” to rule countries we neoliberalize. It makes stability so much easier to obtain while the technocrats strip-mine the nation of it’s assets and the banksters rape and pillage everything else to appease their never ending need for MORE.

You have to watch the video to understand what I’m talking about in terms of it’s laughable content. It is remarkably sophomoric in every sense of the word.

Yesterday I hastily posted a link to an article from AlterNet about this video. I should have taken more time to investigate it. Had I glanced at the actual video once, I would never have posted the link to AlterNet’s incredibly irresponsible reporting.

That’s my bad.

3 Responses

  1. Everyone’s made the same mistake or they are lying…

  2. Yes, the CNN video is clearly BS, or shall we say, politicized in a certain direction. I’m sure there are actual massive abuses going on in Libya, only not as presented by CNN. From what I understand, the US favors the faction outside of Tripoli, the factions which are now in exile in Tobruk. The fact is that the US together with the French destroyed the damn country, creating complete chaos and a huge power vacuum, in which now multiple factions compete for power. The only thing the US and France is interested in is the oil and they will support those factions who promise them the best deal.
    The biggest threat Ghaddifi posed to western hegenomy in the region was his plan for a pan-African trade block backed up by a gold-backed currency.
    What is happening to the migrants from other African nations, the abuses against them, was indirectly backed by the US, because they supported precisely those jihadis who now blame the immigrants as Ghaddafi supporters.
    The responsibility for this entire mess and the ongoing catastrophic conditions lies with US foreign policy.

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