What is Missing from the Story of the al-Rawda Mosque Attack? I’ll Tell You

by Scott Creighton


“President” Sisi (actually a dictator installed by the Obama administration after the real president (elected) was deposed because he refused to lock his people into a lifetime of debt servitude with another IMF loan) says the Egyptian military will “avenge our martyrs” in the wake of the terrorist attack on the al-Rawda mosque in the town of Bir al-Abed, Sinai Peninsula. Approximately 300 people were killed (27 children) when a bomb went off inside the mosque and as survivors fled into the street, they were gunned down.

“This act will only increase our will and unity. The police and military will avenge our martyrs and restore peace and security. We will respond with brute force to combat these terrorists and deviants … This is an attempt to deter us from fighting terrorism and to destroy our will, but we are steadfast, and I say to all Egyptians, the battle you are fighting is the most honourable.” our dictator in Egypt

Keeping true to his word, the dictator (who killed thousands of protesters after his U.S.-backed coup in 2013 (here and here) (You can also see this work I did REAL TIME as the attacks were taking place in early 2013)  and then boasted about imprisoning 10,000 members of the opposition political party) unleashed bombing attacks against “terrorist” positions in Sinai right after the attack. Casualty numbers are not yet available from those strikes and it will be hard to get accurate numbers of casualties in the region due to the fact that al Sisi has made reporting from the area illegal since he was installed… a year before “ISIS” was even created.

Journalists, including from state-sponsored outlets, have not been allowed to report from North Sinai in the last few years.” BBC

The claim we are seeing over and over again in the MSM is that “ISIS™” is responsible for this attack. They say that since the defeat of “ISIS™” in Syria, the group has spread out to other hot spot locations around the globe in an effort to take their failed caliphate model elsewhere in hopes of greener pastures. That’s the story anyway from the majority of the complicit media and especially from the CIA’s Washington Post:

The brazen attack on worshipers at an Egyptian mosque early Friday showed the ability of the Islamic State’s regional affiliates to inflict death and exact revenge for the loss of the group’s main enclaves in Iraq and Syria.

There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the attack on the al-Rawda mosque in Egypt’s sparsely populated Sinai Peninsula, but there were many reasons to suspect that the Islamic State was responsible. Washington Post

Notice that little disclaimer in there? Here is another:

No group claimed responsibility for the attack, but it marks a major escalation in a region where for the past three years Egyptian security forces have battled an Islamic State insurgency that has killed hundreds of police and soldiers. The Guardian

“No group claims responsibility…” BUUUUUT... they are going to push the narrative just the same.

Don’t worry all you establishment apologist trolls out there… I’m sure Mossad asset Rita Katz and maybe Paul Joseph Watson will gin up a video of some British actor playing the role of an “ISIS™” terrorist claiming responsibility any day now.

You know, according to the official narrative here, maybe it wasn’t such a wise idea for the U.S. military to keep letting “ISIS™” terrorists escape from various Syrian cities in convoys of trucks or chartered buses after all.

just sayin

Anyway… the official story here is all about “ISIS™” once again but, as is often the case when “ISIS™” shows up to help a government justify attacks on one group or another, that’s not the whole story.

Let’s take a look at the history of both the “ISIS™” Sinai Province group (Nov. of 2014) and the Bedouin Sinai insurgency which has been going on in this round of conflict since 2011 and beyond.

First of all, let’s get this out of the way right off the bat:

this is the Arab Gas Pipeline. The brown line represents the Egypt Gas Pipeline:

Location of Arab Gas Pipeline

As of March 2012, the gas supply to Israel and Jordan stopped due to 13 separate attacks on GASCO‘s feeder pipeline to El-Arish that have taken place since the beginning of the 2011 Egyptian revolutioncarried out by Bedouin complaining of economic neglect and discrimination by the central Cairo government.[2][3]

As you can see, the pipeline feeds Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria and it has been a point of contention in this conflict for years prior to our creation of the “ISIS™” destabilization team.

The local tribes-people in Sinai have been engage in a conflict with the Egyptian government and the Israelis for decades. Bedouins for the most part. They were no fans of any of our puppet rulers of Egypt (Mubarak or al Sisi) and they certainly weren’t fans of the IDF either.

Security provisions in the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty of 1979 have institutionalized a diminished security presence in the area, enabling militants to operate with a freer hand. Moreover, the limited government-directed investment and development in Sinai has discriminated against the local Bedouin population, a population that values tribal allegiance over all else. The combination of Sinai’s harsh terrain and lack of resources have kept the area poor and hence ripe for militancy.[45]

The Bedouins in Sinai are basically nomads who earn their keep herding various flocks and living off the land. They are tribal in nature and lay claim to the land their animals have grazed on for hundreds of years.

But things have changed in Egypt thanks to neoliberal globalization, the kind brought about by our first puppet, Hosni Mubarak.  And that change did not benefit the Bedouin tribes in any way, shape or form. So they’re pissed off.

The past few decades have proved difficult for traditional Bedouin culture. Due to the changing surrounding and erection of new resort towns such as Sharm el-Sheikh Bedouin lifestyle is changing, too. Their once-nomadic culture is transforming and these changes are not easy for the community. We can see the erosion of traditional values and this community faces relatively new challenges, such as unemployment and various land issues. With urbanization and new education opportunities offered, Bedouin started to marry people outside their tribe which once was completely inappropriate.[1]

Unemployment issues

Bedouins living in the Sinai peninsula generally did not benefit from employment in the initial construction boom due to low wages offered. Sudanese and Egyptians workers were brought here as construction laborers instead. When the tourist industry started to bloom, local Bedouin increasingly moved into new service positions such as cab drivers, tour guides, campgrounds or cafe managers. However, the competition is very high, and many Sinai Bedouin are unemployed. Moreover, because of their traditional way of life, Bedouin women are usually not allowed to work outside their house.

As their lands were confiscated to make way for globalist tourist spots, the Bedouins were left out of the hiring boom because our glorious globalist businesses figured it was cheaper to hire immigrants from Sudan and other places.

And then there is that pipeline that represents a great deal of wealth and power for outsiders from Sinai. Do you see where it is located? It factors into this longstanding conflict greatly, yet few if any MSM outlets will mention it.

The situation provided local Bedouin with an opportunity to assert their authority, leading to clashes with Egyptian security forces, but the cause of violence soon transitioned to salafi jihadism. Hard-line militant Muslims used Sinai as a launch-point for attacks against Israel and turned on the Egyptian state.,[41] focusing on Egypt’s security establishment and the Sinai’s Arab Gas Pipeline.[46]

Now take a look at this:

Yes, the location of the “ISIS™” bombing is right there in a key location where the pipeline runs and where Bedouin resistance is strong. Let’s go back to that Wikipage quote I mentioned before:

due to 13 separate attacks on GASCO‘s feeder pipeline to El-Arish… carried out by Bedouin complaining of economic neglect and discrimination by the central Cairo government.

That is the exact same feeder section of the pipeline they are talking about. It’s the Bedouins al Sisi wants to blow up with his military might, not “ISIS™” who just provided the appropriate pretext justification for it, that’s all.

Remember what al Sisi said… “This act will only increase our will and unity.”

Yes, it is designed to help the Egyptian dictatorship in two ways:

  1. justify turning the Egyptian military (and possibility U.S., Israeli and Saudi military) against their own people
  2. help to justify that brutality in the minds of other Egyptians so there isn’t another nationwide uprising like there was in 2011.

This is clearly a false flag operation. It’s what “ISIS™” has been about since it’s inception.


If you go and take a look at the timeline of the Sinai insurgency you will find numbers of attacks against the Egyptian military and police forces in the area but very few carried out by the Bedouins against the civilian population. That’s because they don’t wish to turn public opinion against their struggle.

That all changed when we started shipping “ISIS™” destabilization assets into the conflict back in late 2014.

Ultimately what our Egyptian puppets want is a free hand to bomb any and all dissident in Sinai into submission. That’s what they’ve wanted for years and one of the main reasons al Sisi doesn’t allow reporting from the region. Doesn’t want anyone interviewing local citizens getting their opinion about the conflict like all those interviews with local Syrians saying it wasn’t Assad bombing them but rather our “moderate terrorists” we backed in that manufactured conflict.

This is undoubtedly a false flag operation and it couldn’t be more obvious if you take the time to look at the history of the region. But the MSM wont do that. Too bad the Trumpening is about to do away with Net Neutrality. Pretty soon you wont be able to even see websites that tell you the truth anymore and all you’ll have is the their version of the world.

Things are really bad over here these. Please help if you can

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7 Responses

  1. And we are doing the same thing to our American Indians… arresting and terrorizing them over an oil pipeline on Indian territory. It is a sick world that we are constructing.
    Scott, wordpress is making money on ads … seems like the ads change every time a person clicks on the above article…… two at a time. darn shame they don’t share it with you.

    Has anybody read about the loud ‘booms’ heard across our country the past several days?
    wish I had saved the link. Maybe God is going to mess us up.

  2. That ISIS was blamed yet ISIS independently didn’t toot its own horn made me suspicious along with the fact that the govt immediately knew who/where to bomb. Thank you for filling in the critical blanks. I think the Bedouins need to see if Hezbollah has some time on their hands:)

  3. On Saturday, the border crossing between Gaza and Egypt was supposed to open. Now, it will not. Kind of convenient timing…

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